A California superintendent’s proposal to distribute condoms to middle-school students would violate parents’ trust, says a pro-family attorney.

Earlier this month, Richard Carranza – superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District – stated that giving condoms to students “lessens the amount of sexual activity.” Brad Dacus of the Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute argues there are better ways of accomplishing that.

“Studies show that those schools that have strong pro-abstinence presentations and distribution of information have, by far, the most effective stats in terms of preventing premarital sex,” he shares with OneNewsNow.

Carranza further states that he wants to eliminate the exemption option for parents. Dacus says in doing so, Carranza would be violating the trust that parents put in the district because he would not be informing parents of their children’s condom usage.

If the superintendent is successful, says the attorney, “parents who have their trust in public education [would be] totally unaware of this egregious action that could impact their child’s welfare and development for life.”

A vote on the proposal was delayed last week when concerned parents said they’d be unable to attend the board meeting because of Chinese New Year celebrations. If the proposal is approved, SFUSD would be following in the footsteps of Oakland’s middle schools, which began passing out condoms in grades 6, 7, and 8 in 2014.


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