There are many important issues facing this country. From the economy, to jobs, to spending, to corruption, to the national debt, there are a host of matters which have attracted the attention of many Americans who were previously never involved in the political process. People are upset, and those feelings have erupted into a nationwide conflict. It is the Tea Party movement versus Barack Obama and the liberal elite.

But I have some news for you. The real problem is not the huge deficits that Obama is creating. The real problem is not the fact that he wants to take more control away from the states and individuals and put it in the federal government. The real problem is not Obama’s spending on socialist programs that can only be paid for by raising taxes on everyone. No, those are not the problems which have led to the uprising. The real problem is that Tea Partiers are stupid. Just watch and learn…

For evidence, I turn to a recent lecture at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. At the lecture, Obama adviser and fellow Chicago political activist Valerie Jarrett talked about how hard it is for people in the Tea Party movement to understand all the good that Obama is doing. Their poor minds just can’t comprehend the sophistication of how left-wing government works.

So there you have it. Rather than get Obama and his socialist allies to realize that America is a center-right country, not a far left one, and that we want smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom, we should just be quiet because we are too stupid to understand his wisdom. We need a Government for Tea Partiers book that has nice big pictures to show us the way. Maybe they could include a few crayons as well, so that we can color as we learn.

Do you see what’s happening here? Once again these elitists on the left refuse to see (or perhaps THEY don’t understand) the true nature of this great country. Tea Party activists are not anti-government as Jarrett states. This is not an anarchy movement. Tea Party activists want smaller government. Tea Party activists want REPRESENTATIVE government… not a bunch of tax and spend liberals who simply want more power.

In an article which accompanied the conference, Jarrett was said to laud Obama’s “even temperament as president, as well as his disciplined thought process, his sense of empathy, and his ability to bring together groups of people with various opinions and ‘make everyone feel very comfortable opening up.'” I see… like the bipartisan discussions on the economy, or jobs, or health care? The upcoming health care summit is about Obama’s plan, and that’s it. Hmmm…. Does that sound like people being brought together?

Here’s how the Harvard article describes Jarrett’s take on the summit:

In the near future, Jarrett said, Obama plans to post online a version of a revised health care bill that would be “good for the American people,” in advance of a health care summit with recalcitrant Republicans later this month. She said he will respond to good counterproposals, and will continue to be “open for change.”

Blah, blah, blah. Isn’t it interesting to those at Harvard and those inside the Beltway in Washington, that the “change” Americans are expressing is a change AWAY from Obama and his policies? A majority of American voters oppose Obama’s health care plan, yet we should all just sit back and be quiet. According to Jarrett, the plan is “good for the American people,” and Obama knows best.

There is a change sweeping the country. But it is not the one Obama had planned for. It is a change in the American people who have been frustrated for too long. It is a distinctly American phenomenon. When government becomes too big and too powerful, it is in our nature to rebel and bring more power back to the people. Perhaps there is a copy of American History for Dummies™ that Obama can borrow. Maybe Jarrett can borrow it too.

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