Welcome to the GOPUSA “Open Thread,” a post that’s open to our readers, for our readers. So much has gone on this past week, and this thread allows you to talk about whatever you want to talk about. We even have some topics that you might have missed. At this past week’s GOP debate, Frank Luntz’s focus group declared Gov. John Kasich to be the winner. Agree or disagree? And what about Megyn Kelly’s performance as a “moderator” in the debate? It turns out she bungled a critical piece of information. Please jump in, and let us know what you think.

You can talk about your favorite sports team, a current event, or whatever is on your mind. Here are some topics to get things started. Just please keep it clean and respectful. Enjoy!

I pledge allegiance to… an international flag? Yep… that’s what some kindergarten children are being told to do at a public school in New York City. Here’s the story: Outrageous! Public School Students Taught To ‘Pledge Allegiance To An International Flag’

Remember when ABC’s Candy Crowley attacked GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney at a debate, but she had her facts wrong? Is Megyn Kelly the new Candy Crowley? Judge for yourself: Megyn Kelly 2016 Is Candy Crowley 2012

Pollster Frank Luntz has been criticized for his ties to establishment candidate Marco Rubio. So now that Rubio has fallen out of favor with Fox News, is it any surprise that Luntz’s focus group picked a different establishment candidate as last week’s debate winner? Check it out: Governor John Kasich declared surprise winner of Republican debate by Fox News focus group

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