In the wake of advertisers pulling from The Sean Hannity Show over an interview with U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore addressing sexual assault accusations, supporters of the program posted social media videos of themselves smashing their Keurig coffeemakers – resulting in the company’s CEO apologizing for the rash move, which led the conservative news personality to call for Keurig protesters to stop.

Hannity contended that Keurig was simply misled in its decision and then called his fans to a “cease fire.”

“Please stop smashing your Keurig coffee machines,” Hannity urged during his Monday night monologue, according to Fox News. “[Keurig was] a victim in all of this.”

Admitting a mistake

Hannity and Moore fans recorded themselves not only destroying their coffeemakers, but throwing them away, posting the videos on Twitter over the weekend. The Internet demonstration began after the Keurig company’s social media announcement.

“[We] worked with our media partner and FOX news to stop our ad from airing during The Sean Hannity Show,” the company tweeted Saturday.

The conservative host blamed radical leftist activists for turning advertisers against Moore and his show.

“Hannity said the liberal group Media Matters for America was responsible for targeting his advertisers after critics said he seemed to defend Moore, who was accused last week of having sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl in 1979,” Fox News reported. “Hannity said critics took his statements out of context.”

Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort expressed his concern over his company’s decision and apologized to employees for any turmoil they received as a result.

“[This move to pull our ads from the Sean Hannity Show is] unacceptable [and] was done outside of company protocols,” Gambort wrote to his company’s employees in an email memo obtained by The Washington Post. “[We advertise on both liberal and conservative networks], which will continue. “I apologize for any negativity that you have experienced as a result of this situation and assure you that we will learn and improve going forward.”

Hannity had no hard feelings against Keurig for its knee-jerk reaction to Media Matters’ political baiting.

“[Keurig was] preyed upon by the most anti-free speech, pro-censorship group in the United States today,” Hannity asserted, according to Fox News. “It is a group that is bought and paid for by friends and supporters of the Clintons and as you may have seen, the radical leftist group Media Matters for America. [Media Matters] launched yet another smear campaign against me to try to get me thrown off the air and get rid of all my advertisers.”

He portrayed the leftist group as nothing more than a political gang.

“[If Media Matters] and their paid pack of hitmen [had their way], there would be no Fox News Channel – there would be no dissent, no difference of opinion, no free exchange of ideas,” Hannity continued. “[W]hat Keurig did was a mistake, and the CEO admitted it, [so please stop smashing your machines].”

But Media Matters tried to get in the last word over the matter.

“While Hannity and his supporters were busy today smashing coffee makers, six more advertisers either removed their ads from Hannity’s show or confirmed that they will not run ads on Hannity’s show going forward,” the leftist organization responded to Fox News in a statement Monday.

What began the ruckus …

The ad controversy began after Hannity interviewed Moore to let him share his side of the sexual abuse claims that the Washington Post broke on Thursday, with the former Alabama Supreme Court judge fervently denying all allegations.

“[I don’t] generally remember dating any teenagers without the permission of her mother [when in my 30s],” Moore expressed on Hannity. “The attacks were politically motivated.”

Even though Hannity has reportedly been easy on Trump supporters and Republicans in past interviews, this was not the case when Moore was on his show, as many praised the conservative host for his “tough” interview, but leftists were still able to pull advertisers from his program – primarily zeroing in on the fact that he urged viewers last Thursday to not rashly cast judgment on Moore.

“Every single person in this country deserves the presumption of innocence,” Hannity insisted on his Fox show. “With the allegations against Judge Moore, none of us know the truth of what happened 38 years ago. The only people that would know are the people involved in this incident.”

Quick to run …

Hannity showed no signs of defending Moore, and even asserted that if the allegations against Moore are found to be true, the judge should step down, but several companies besides Keurig – which said it pulled its ads because someone accused Hannity of defending a “child molester” – bolted from his show, including Ford, IHOP,, Mitsibushi, Nature’s Bounty and the clothing companies Eloquii and Scottevest.

Two radical liberals were behind the campaign that persuaded advertisers to run from Hannity’s show.

“While it is mostly liberals targeting Hannity’s advertisers, Angelo Carusone, the president of Media Matters for America, is the most prominent figure behind the social media targeting,” TheBlaze reported. “Media Matters, which is financed by billionaire liberal George Soros, has previously targeted Hannity’s advertisers and tried to get him booted from Fox — but they failed.”

The half a dozen or so advertisers bolted not just because of the Carusone- and Soros-sponsored bashing of Moore, but also for the activist group’s ongoing smear campaign against Hannity.

“Following the interview, left-wing media watchdog Media Matters for America reiterated its call for companies to pull their advertisements from the show, incorrectly claiming that Hannity had dismissed the allegations as false,” Breitbart informed. “The group has previously labeled Hannity as a ‘propagandist’ who ‘peddles disinformation and aggressively promotes discredited conspiracies,’ and they even published a list of companies that advertise on the show, crossing lines through those who agree to cease their involvement.”


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