In our politically correct society, it’s so refreshing to have someone tell it like it is. There’s no more American Indians… they are Native Americans. No one is retarded… they have learning challenges. No one is Oriental any more… they are Asian. I guess being from the Orient is offensive, but being from Asia isn’t? Now we have Barack Obama and his band of anti-religious socialists who are attacking the very core of the American way of life. But can we call them socialists? Newt Gingrich can, but the rest of the GOP leadership gets weak in the knees using the s-word.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had some choice words for what Obama and his left-wing cohorts are doing to this country. Gingrich blasted the Democrats by saying they are “trying to impose a ‘secular-socialist machine’ rejected by most Americans.

Gingrich is right, and the sooner Americans can hear the truth without some politically correct filter attached to it, the better. Let’s break it down:

We’ve seen example after example of bias against Christianity coming from Washington and other liberal governments. Manger scenes, prayers at meetings, crosses, or anything else that shows our connection to God has been systematically targeted. Gingrich calls it a “relentless anti-religious bias” and points out that “a federal judge has declared the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional, ‘which if it weren’t so serious it would be laughable.'”

As far as being socialist, Gingrich said:

“When you have a pay czar in the White House who thinks that they have enough power and knowledge to set the salaries for hundreds of people in dozens of companies, in an industry they’ve never been in — I mean, if that’s not socialist — if the government is the largest owner of General Motors and Chrysler, the largest funder of AIG — they just nationalized student loans so they’re now all 100 percent government program.”

Obama blasts business at every opportunity. I guess he forgets that businesses actually employ people! Actually, Obama hasn’t forgotten, he’d just prefer to move those people to government jobs. Then he and his ideology are in control.

Gingrich used the health care bill as an example of the Democrats being a machine, saying, “If you can get $757 billion out of the Congress and no elected official has even read the bill, that’s the behavior of a Chicago-style machine.” Actually, what’s more telling is not that they didn’t read the bill, it’s that the Democrats pulled out all the stops to pass this bill despite the fact that the majority of Americans were opposed to it. Not a single poll across the country showed that Americans wanted Congress to pass the health care bill, but it did anyway.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the GOP leadership is doing nothing. Actually, they are starting to respond, and the solidarity they exhibited during the health care debate was much-needed. (Note… see what happens when your Congressional majorities get decimated for being stupid and out of touch?) Republicans in the U.S. House are even offering Americans “a chance to vote online on what they think should be slashed from the federal budget in a new anti-government spending program called YouCut.”

“What we’re saying here is we’re going to listen,” said House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Va., the No. 2 Republican in the House, who launched the program. “Vote on your priority, and we’ll take it to an up-or-down vote on the floor.”

“Secondly, it is about trying the change the culture,” he told Fox News. “And right now, Speaker Pelosi and the majority in the House have no interest in reducing spending. And we all know that the American people who…are trying to make ends meet at the end of the month and they see Washington on a rampant spending spree. That’s what we’re trying to change and that’s what YouCut’s about.”

This is good stuff, but when Americans are fed up with the way the Democrats are handling the country, we don’t need to sugarcoat what they are doing. If they are taking over private business and industries, let’s say so. If they are proposing more programs that take power away from hardworking Americans and put it in the hands of government officials, let’s speak out! What they are doing is socialism in action, and the sooner the American people realize it, the sooner we can stop it.

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