Georgia’s most well-known Republican lawmaker predicts Peach State voters will reject the two Democrat nominees who are both mired in controversies with less than a week before the pivotal runoff.

Georgia voters are returning to the polls Jan.5 to choose Sen. David Perdue or challenger Jon Ossoff (pictured below), and Sen. Kelly Loeffler or challenger Rev. Rafael Warnock (pictured at left).

A Dec. 29 poll by Trafalgar shows a narrow race: Ossoff is leading Perdue 50-48 and Warnock is leading Loeffler 50-49, according to RealClearPolitics.

The GOP senators were narrowly ahead of the Democrat challengers in mid-December polling done by Trafalgar, Emerson, and others.

During an appearance on the Fox News, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich insisted that Warnock, for example, is in trouble with voters over his radical, far-left views that have emerged from, of all places, his preaching as pastor at the famous Ebenezer Baptist Church.

And that is just the beginning.

“Also, Warnock’s personal problems with his ex-wife,” Gingrich pointed out. “And Warnock’s failure to run a children’s camp several years back, where they now have an eyewitness, now in his early 30’s, talking about how terrible the camp was, how abused children were, and that Warnock was responsible.”

With such scandals dogging him, Warnock is in a “deep freefall” with Georgia voters, Gingrich predicted.

Regarding controversies swirling around Ossoff, Gingrich says Ossoff lied about his ties to China and how much business-related money he was pocketing from the communist regime.

“Do you really want a Chinese Communist-sponsored U.S. senator from Georgia?” Gingrich told Fox News. “I think most Georgians are gonna say no.”


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