A demonstration in Boston last week drew attention to the modern great divide in America as states go opposite directions on the transgender and homosexual issue.

Early last week, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joined other elected officials and activists at city hall to push for state legalization of men using women’s facilities and women using men’s. In that process, they ridiculed different states that are intent on protecting their citizens’ safety and religious freedom. MassResistance was there as Mayor Walsh spoke to the gathering.

“We are seeing what’s happening in states where they go the other direction,” the mayor said. “Their freedom suffers, their reputation suffers, their economy suffers. We are leading the world here in Boston where we are known as a place that welcomes everybody.”

Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg was more specific in naming exactly what other states they hold up as a negative example.

“We will send a message that we are not Mississippi,” he said. “We are not Georgia. We are not North Carolina.”

MassResistance calls the display a “disturbing disconnect from reality.”

“… Most people aren’t aware of how profoundly disconnected from reality many of these elected officials have become,” says the family advocacy group. “It is sadly not an exaggeration to say that promoting mental illness and sexual perversion as a ‘civil right’ has become the norm.

“Their incredibly elitist attitude and their utter in-your-face disdain for the opinions and values that most Americans hold on this issue was clear and unmistakable,” MassResistance adds.

North Carolina passed a law requiring men to use only the men’s room, and vice versa. Georgia passed a religious freedom law, although the governor vetoed it. And Mississippi is defending its religious freedom law, which protects citizens who stand by their religious values from state prosecution.

In Boston, the city flagpole displayed the transgender flag, which has pink, blue and white stripes. MassResistance posted a video (below) of the event and speakers, describing it as “letting their freak flag fly.”


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