Lauren Boebert drove three hours from Rifle, openly carrying a handgun, to confront the presidential contender. She owns Shooters Grill in Rifle on Colorado’s Western Slope (where the waitstaff open carry loaded firearms in the establishment).

“I was one of the gun owning Americans who heard you speak regarding your ‘Hell yes I’m going to take your AR-15s and AK-47s. Well, I’m here to say hell no you’re not.’”

CBS Denver.

“I have four children, I am 5-foot-0, 100 pounds, I cannot really defend myself with a fist. … I want to know how you’re going to legislate that because a criminal breaks the law, so all you’re going to do is restrict law-abiding citizens, like myself,” said Lauren Boebert.

According to the Denver Post, 32-year-old Boebert drove three hours from the town of Rifle to the event and is the owner of a restaurant where the staff carries firearms. As she spoke, a handgun was holstered at her side.

The above is from Fox News.

Boebert was called names and harassed by O’Rourke’s supporters. She told one not to worry, she was armed and had his back.

O’Rourke dismissed Boebert’s concerns.

“Do I care more about how upset somebody is who owns a weapon of war that they don’t need for hunting or self-defense, or do I care more about the families who’ve lost a child?,” O’Rourke asked.

Still, he hesitated when pressed on how the mandatory buyback would work.

“I would expect our fellow Americans to follow the law. If they don’t and they flagrantly abuse that law, yes, that weapon would be taken from them.”

CBS Denver.

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