The “cancel culture” has come for Focus on the Family after the ministry, famous for blending biblical insights with family issues, stuck with science and biology, and got in trouble for it.

Focus on the Family’s news service, The Daily Citizen, got in trouble with Twitter when one of its news stories described Rachel Levine, a Biden nominee, as a “man who believes he is a woman.”

In particular, the sentence that upset Twitter reads, “Dr. Levine is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

Paul Batura, a vice president at Focus, tells One News Now the hammer came down hard when the point of the sentence, he says, was to identify what a “trans-woman” is for readers.

“So we simply said it’s a man who believes that he’s a woman,” Batura says. “And they told us that was hate speech.”

Twitter has not explained to Focus why the description is “hate speech” when it’s true that a biological man, who dresses and lives as a woman, and feels like he is a woman, is in fact a “transgender woman.”

The successes of the transgender movement, from athletics to Dr. Levine’s nomination, have also created a conondrum for LGBT advocates since the issues of biological reality and, worse, mental health won’t go away.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, the lobbying group that lobbies for homosexual rights, a transgendered person is someone “whose sex assigned at birth is different from who they know they are on the inside.”

“For many transgender people,” HRC states elsewhere in its media guide on writing about transgenders, “their birth-assigned sex and their own sense of gender identity do not match.”

Transgender people such as Dr. Levine following their “own sense” of who they are and how they feel on the “inside,” which hint at mental issues, refer to one’s own personal feelings just as The Daily Citizen describes.

Batura tells One News Now that the news service offered several alternative descriptions. asking Twitter if those would meet its approval, but never got a reply.

“We’ve come to a season here,” he warns, “where telling the truth in America is now somehow becoming a revolutionary act. It feels like something straight out of 1984.”


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