A media watchdog groups says the “Big Three” networks are being exposed for their hypocrisy in the latest coverage of the corporate boycott against states adopting supposed “controversial” religious freedom laws.

According to the Media Research Center, ABC, CBS and NBC have shown support for “lefty corporate campaigns” in their news reporting for the more than 100 companies threatening to boycott states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Mississippi – all of which have been under public scrutiny in recent weeks for their legislative moves regarding religious freedom.

Alatheia Larson, a research analyst and staff writer for MRC’s business department, tells OneNewsNow the networks are being hypocritical, pointing out that in the past they have been highly critical of corporate influence in politics. The Big Three, she explains, were against the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling on the Citizens Unitedcase deciding that corporations were allowed to spend money on political campaigns.

“That ruling meant that Oh, conservative groups could also influence politics through money – and the media doesn’t want that,” she shares. “ABC, NBC and CBS – they’ve all adopted a liberal agenda – and so when something threatens that agenda, they’re going to freak out about it.

“So they’re going to freak out about the Koch brothers, they’re going to freak out about Citizens United – but they’re going to back these big corporations now who are boycotting these states because they are pushing a liberal agenda,” Larson concludes.

To make matters worse, she argues, NBC’s parent companies – Comcast and NBC Universal – have joined in on the corporate boycott.


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