President Trump has halted funding for the World Health Organization, saying the role of the WHO in the coronavirus coverup will be examined. Barack Obama has finally endorsed Joe Biden in a very strange Twitter video, and you won’t believe the reason the New York Times gives for changing its Joe Biden story. All that and more on today’s show!

Do you think President Trump made the right move regarding the World Health Organization? With Trump halting funding to the WHO, we see a leader who is not just talk. He’s taking real action during the coronavirus pandemic. The WHO is in the back pocket of China, and President Trump is the only one who seems to be speaking out.

Barack Obama finally gave his endorsement to Joe Biden in a very strange Twitter video. Obama spent more time talking about his own policy positions than speaking about Biden.

The New York Times admits that it changed its Sunday story regarding sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden by Tara Reade at the urging of the Biden campaign! That’s right! The Biden campaign complained, and the New York Times fell in line.

With more power being given to government during this crisis, more examples are popping up of abuse and ridiculous policies. Enough is enough!

Check out today’s show for all the details.

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