After failing to take the Florida high school shooter off the streets before killing 17 – despite an abundance of information about his violenct past – the FBI is under more heat for doing nothing after a Minnesota woman told them her desire to join al-Qaeda, marry a terrorist and become a suicide bomber … before she set multiple fires.

The 19-year-old female jihadist, Tnuza J. Hassan, was arrested last month for setting eight fires in seven buildings at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Each of the jihadist attempts were unsuccessful because none of them caused any casualties or significant damage to the campus.

Connection to jihad no surprise …

While in custody for arson, Hassan reinforced the fact that she was a self-proclaimed Islamic terrorist – one who was allowed to freely to roam the American streets. She admitted to investigators her anger over the intervention of the United States military in the Middle East, which she said incited her desire to “pay back” Americans for crossing Islam.

“[Hassan informed investigators that she] wanted the school to burn to the ground and that her intent was to hurt people [and the fires were an attempt at waging] jihad,” reports from investigators stated, according to TheBlaze.

Her terrorist proclivities should have come of no surprise, as just five months ago, she admitted her passion to join other Islamic terrorists in their war against infidels – those who do not submit to the god of Islam, Allah – and the West.

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“After Tnuza Jamal Hassan was stopped from flying to Afghanistan last September, she allegedly told FBI agents that she wanted to join al-Qaida and marry a fighter, and that she might even wear a suicide belt,” The Associated Press (AP) reported on “She also said she was angry at U.S. military actions overseas and admitted that she tried to encourage others to ‘join the jihad in fighting,’ but she said she had no intention of carrying out an attack on U.S. soil, according to prosecutors.”

Apparently, these admissions were not threatening enough for the FBI to detain or arrest her, and she was subsequently released.

No excuse …

Jeffrey Ringel – a former FBI agent and Joint Terrorism Task Force supervisor currently serving with the private security firm, the Soufan Group – was amazed that the FBI did not act on Hassan’s proclaimed jihadist tendencies.

“She confessed to wanting to join al-Qaida and took action to do it by traveling overseas,” Ringel told AP. “Unless there are other circumstances that I’m not aware of, I would have expected that she would’ve been arrested. I think she would’ve met the elements of a crime.”

How closely – if at all – the FBI kept tabs on Hassan is not certain.

“Counterterrorism experts, though, say it seems she wasn’t watched closely after the FBI interview, as she disappeared for days before the fires,” the AP’s Amy Forliti reported. “But the public record in a case doesn’t always reveal what agents and prosecutors were doing behind the scenes.”

Could have been much worse

Despite the fact that none of the campus fires harmed anyone, they could have resulted in mass casualties, as the jihadist teen intended.

“Hassan, who was born in the U.S., has pleaded not guilty to federal counts of attempting to provide material support to al-Qaida, lying to the FBI and arson,” Forliti announced. “She also faces a state arson charge. One fire was set in a dormitory that has a day care where 33 children were present.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew winter told the court that Hassan was “self-radicalized” and that she focused more intently on waging jihad as her Islamic beliefs continued to intensify.

“[Hassan told investigators she had expected the buildings to burn down and] she hoped people would get killed,” Winter expressed to the judge presiding over the lawsuit.

In the complaint filed by federal prosecutors, it was noted that Hassan is operating as a Muslim sympathizer who is acting out her vengeance on non-Muslim Americans.

“Hassan said this was that same thing that happened in ‘Muslim land’ and nobody cares if they get hurt, so why not do this?” the complaint reads, according to Fox News.

It was also revealed in the federal indictment that Hassan – a former English major –  was an active al-Qaeda recruiter back in September, when she attempted to round up “personnel” to fight for Islam.

A Fox 9 report indicates that she tried to enlist help from her colleagues, as she allegedly lied about writing a letter to her roommates last March – inciting them to “Join al-Qaeda, Taliban or Al Shabaab” and “to join the jihad in fights.”

It appears that starting fires was not Hassan’s jihadist tactic of choice, as the teen terrorist indicated that she would have joined the ranks of Islamic terrorist bombers if she had the training and know-how.

“[Hassan] told the police and fire investigators ‘You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that,'” the complaint stated, according to Fox News.

After committing eight potentially lethal jihadist attempts to kill Americans, Hassan will likely remain behind bars for some time.

“Hassan faces serious charges, including multiple counts of arson, lying to the FBI, and attempting to provide ‘material support’ to Al Qaeda,” Fox News’ Nicole Darrah divulged.

While the terrorist trial moves forward, Hassan remains incarcerated at the Ramsey County Jail in Minnesota.


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