The mainstream media seems eager everyday to pounce on President Donald Trump and it’s getting them in trouble again and again.

The latest black eye for the Twitter-happy media is a newspaper photo that shows two children sleeping in a kennel-like enclosure, an alleged example of “racist” Trump breaking up illegal alien families and literally putting them in cages.

“Look at these pictures. This is happening right now…” tweeted podcaster John Favreau.

The rallying cry was immediately taken up by fellow Trump-haters Linda Sarsour, the Women’s March co-founder, Black Lives Matter activist and racial poseur Shaun King, and other various Hollywood celebrities, political analysts, and politicians.

But there is one problem: the picture was from 2014, when Obama was president. Oh, and Favreau once worked for that ex-president.

“One of the guys promoting this was actually John Favreau, who was an Obama administration guy, which kind of makes it a little even more amusing,” observes Scott Whitlock of the Media Research Center.

“We’ve seen multiple times: people doing something really stupid on Twitter and it blowing up in their face,” he tells OneNewsNow

At about the same time the Left was aghast at children in cages, albeit from four years ago, another viral tweet showed an ICE bus full of children’s car seats – a literal prison bus for little babies being held by federal immigration agents.

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But, well, that photo was also taken during the Obama administration and people who took time to read the accompanying story learned the bus, owned by a contractor for ICE, used it to transport children on outings to the mall, the zoo, and the park.

The photo, in fact, was taken by the contractor to demonstrate the care they give to children held by ICE since the bus, filled with child safety seats, is staffed with a nurse, two teachers, and a case manager.

After a weekend of outrages that flopped, Trump took on the “failing” New York Times after it wrongly reported a crowd of only 1,000 attended his Nashville rally.

Yet the NYT reporter at the rally, Julie Davis, admitted (see image above) that her estimate was “way off” by a whopping 4,000-plus attendees and the newspaper issued a correction – with no explanation for the bad estimate.

In between miscounting crowd size at the rally, Davis was complaining on Twitter that a young boy in attendance was screaming “fake news” at the reporters in attendance. She called it a “depressing sight.”

“So the kid who called you fake news was correct then?” someone responded on Twitter.



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