By increasing segregation on campuses, colleges and universities appear to have done a U-turn on the road to improving race relations.

A recent article posted on The Daily Beast reports that increasing numbers of universities – in an effort to avoid protests over racial inequality – are “warming to the idea” that their students should be segregated by race in clubs, diversity initiatives, housing, and conversations about race.

However, researcher and political commentator Derryck Green of Project 21 (The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives) believes such efforts are counterproductive in unifying people and only compound the problem.

“I don’t understand how [having] various forms of segregation based off of race accomplishes that goal,” he tells OneNewsNow.

“It seems to me that continually segregating people by race is going to exacerbate the problem rather than constructively fix it. I think they’re doing much more damage than good.”

At least in part, says Green, these efforts on the part of college administrators are spawned because of “white guilt.”

“It shows these people that they are not racist,” he continues. “It kind of absolves them of the historical guilt of white hegemony and some of the evils that they perpetuated on non-white minorities in the nation’s history.”

Green says to the post-modern left, talk equals action – but he argues that just talking won’t solve anything.


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