It’s getting pretty hard to control the seepage of social justice training being pressed and pushed at America’s college campuses.

Just this week, headlines at Campus Reform ran with this: “University seeks coordinator for social justice ‘pilgrimages.'”

And this: “UT restaffing Pride Center as diversity funding is restored.”

And this: “Northwestern wants ‘social justice education’ for frats, sororities.”

And don’t forget this: “College offers free certification in ‘social justice work.'”

Or this: “UW-Madison hiring admin to ‘advance social justice’ on campus.”

My gosh, by the look of things it would seem the upcoming generation is nothing but a bunch of racist, misogynist, sexist, discriminatory elitists who’ve spent their entire lives — to the point of college, anyway — putting down the already downtrodden. And now here come the nation’s scholarly professors, ready and most willing to save them.

Why else this mass and widespread call for social justice training?

Well, here’s why: It’s a leftist tool to train the emerging work force and ultimately, leadership, how best to support and provide for the deemed minorities of the world — the women, the minorities, the LGBTers, the illegals. Get ’em young and hit ’em hard with the propaganda, and the left’s special brand of special rights for certain segments of society will prove long lasting.

The happy graduates will go on to greater and brighter pastures that include legislating for special rights for special classes of society — at the expense, of course, of those of conservative minds, of free market persuasion, of limited government beliefs. After all, a government that can’t award, can’t win votes.

The left’s biggest tool for political success is the ability to promise a taxpayer dollar to some poor sod who refuses to earn and who would rather play the victim. To a liberal, social justice is not unfettered and equal access to the tools to make one’s own way in the world — to make one’s own wealth. Social justice is not, say, the Constitution. Rather, it’s government imposed mandates to take the means of others and bestow it on the select.

Let’s just call it what it is: Social justice, leftist style, is socialism. That the upcoming generation is being bombarded with this propaganda training on college campuses around the nation is nothing but a reason to keep the kids home. Save tuition? Yes. But even more: Save the country.

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