COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere.

I don’t even know if we’re still dealing with “COVID-19” anymore. How many mutations down the line are we from the original virus that brought us to our knees more than a year ago?

Whether we’re dealing with the delta variant or the new mu form of the virus, the battle lines in the vaccination fight are getting drawn more rigidly every day.

And the discrimination we’re seeing is mind-boggling.

In the most egregious cases, we have seen a doctor in Florida and another in Alabama say that they will refuse to treat unvaccinated patients.

So much for the Hippocratic Oath.

Even Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy, received medical treatment after he was shot by Jack Ruby days after JFK’s killing. The same Dallas surgeon, Dr. Bob McClelland, treated both Kennedy and Oswald.

You think that wasn’t tough for the doctor and hospital staff? But they did their jobs.

But don’t expect the same compassionate, unbiased medical treatment if you dare to assert your right to medical and bodily autonomy and don’t take the jab.

Dr. Lina Marracini of South Miami was quoted as saying that the global health emergency trumps any one person’s individual rights.

No soup for you!

This even goes beyond refusing treatment to unvaccinated people who’ve contracted COVID. This is denying treatment for anything to someone who has merely declined to get a vaccine.

An Illinois judge had denied an unvaccinated woman her child custody rights. The order was later rescinded, but the effect was still chilling.

Do the legal merits in cases still matter, or are decisions going to be made based on who’s vaccinated and who isn’t?

Meanwhile, Logan Hollar, a student from Rutgers University, was barred from class because he’s not vaccinated. This even though Hollar is studying remotely and is no threat to any student or teacher in any classroom.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said the unvaccinated should be denied ICU beds. And radio shock jock Howard Stern poked fun at the virus deaths of conservative radio hosts who were against vaccination mandates. To hell with their freedom, he said.

None of this is science. It’s physicians, legal professionals, education officials and entertainers passing judgment on the unvaccinated, denying them medical treatment, due process and education. And freedom.

And President Joe Biden’s scolding, hectoring, blame-game tone during his COVID speech the other day will only encourage more of it.

Even if you believe that everybody should be vaccinated, you can’t sit still for this kind of discrimination.

Or maybe you can, because your head-shaking disgust with those who are unvaccinated runs so deep. Maybe you can just shrug and say “tough luck.” Maybe it’s OK to discriminate against some people if you agree with the reason.

It really is getting like a bad dystopian movie out there.

Remember, fully vaccinated people are still getting sick. There’s no guarantee that all those vaccinated people inside the restaurant aren’t passing COVID germs back and forth.

And vaccine discrimination ignores the natural immunity that recovered COVID sufferers have acquired. Don’t they deserve consideration?

To get closed out of a bar, restaurant or concert because of vaccine status is one thing.

But when your vaccine status is checked at the courthouse door and you’re going to be treated differently under the law, it goes against everything the Constitution says and everything that this country is supposed to stand for.

And to think that a physician would leave a sick person to suffer simply based on vaccine status is hard to comprehend. Can a doctor be held responsible if they refuse to treat such a patient who later dies?

And how does any school deny a student the chance for virtual learning under the guise of “public safety” when the student, who isn’t even sick, is doing the safest thing possible by learning remotely?

None of it makes sense. Unless blatant discrimination doesn’t bother you.

Tom Wrobleski wrong this for the Staten Island (N.Y.) Advance.

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