An author and national defense analyst says China’s purchase of nearly 400 acres of farm land near a critical U.S. Air Force base is just another sign of where it stands with America.

North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer (R) finds it problematic that a Chinese company has been allowed to purchase 370 acres of productive farmland near Grand Forks, which is also home to Grand Forks Air Force Base, which houses sensitive drone technology connected to space and satellite operations.

Bob Maginnis, a senior fellow for national security at the Family Research Council (FRC), says the Chinese are pulling out all the stops.

“It is at war with us and has been for a long time, and there needs to be a general recognition of that,” he tells AFN. “Any engagement with China should be considered an adversarial engagement. We need to recognize that if they are buying land, they’re buying it for their selfish purposes to manipulate the United States to their particular agenda.”

He has no doubt about what that agenda is.

“They have every intention of taking over the entire moon. They have every intention of taking over the entire earth, given the opportunity,” Maginnis submits. “Look at what they’re doing in Africa and South America. There’s just no end to their ambition.”

If America’s leaders do not stop being “Mr. Nice Guy” to the communists, Maginnis warns that she will lose in a bad way.


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