We know that the left is always looking for an opportunity to silence those who challenge their groupthink. Their target isn’t only conservatives, but anybody who disagrees with their worldview even in the slightest possible way.

They left lives in the hope that contrarians to their groupthink will either misspeak or express a nuanced and detailed idea that can be extracted, stripped of context, and made to appear bigoted. This gives them reason to mount a social media campaign and initiate cancelation.

Yesterday, it was satirist and thinker Scott Adams’s turn to be canceled.

USAToday announced that it would stop publishing Adams’s “Dilbert” cartoon because the people running the paper “lead with inclusion and strive to maintain a respectful and equitable environment for the diverse communities we serve nationwide.”

Cleveland’s Plain Dealer newspaper also decided not to publish any of Adams’s cartoons.

John Hiner of MLive Media in Michigan wrote in an editorial, “We will work quickly to find a replacement that will entertain you and not violate basic standards of decency and respect for others.”

Many other outlets followed and did away with Adams.

Adams has been producing “Dilbert” for three decades, and they are seen as a devastatingly satirical commentary on workplace policies.

What did Scott Adams do to merit cancelation?

Adams became a nationwide trending topic after he said that black people are “a hate group and I don’t want to have anything to do with them.”

He also said the following:

Based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from black people.

Wherever you have to go, just get away. Because there’s no fixing this. This can’t be fixed, right. This can’t be fixed. You just have to escape.

He then cited CNN anchor Don Lemon to claim that there’s a “correlation” between a “mostly Black” neighborhood and “a bunch of problems he didn’t see” in majority-white areas.

He went on to say that he moved to an area with a “very low black population.”

Adams also said that he was going to stop helping black America because it doesn’t seem to pay off.

It makes no sense to help black Americans if you’re white.

He added that videos of black people beating white people had convinced him that whites should not help black people and whites should not live in communities with a large percentage of black people.

The clip of Adams’s comments garnered more than 1.8 million views on Twitter.

For the left, this was a dream come true. Leftists had all the reasons they wanted to cancel Adams and silence another powerful contrarian.

The usual suspects in the media were outraged.

The Daily Kos carried a piece with the 1963 quote from former Alabama governor George Wallace: “I say, segregation today…segregation tomorrow…segregation forever.” What they did not reveal is that Wallace was a Democrat.

The Daily Beast’s headline called Adams “unhinged,” and yes, it began its piece by linking Adams to Trump.

Expect the bigger media houses to follow and remind all that Adams supported Trump.

So what caused Adams to engage in “unhinged” behavior?

You can judge by proceeding to 13:25 of the following video.

Adams was referring to a Rasmussen Survey that revealed that only 53 percent of Black Americans believe “it’s okay to be white.” Twenty-six percent think “it isn’t okay to be white,” while 21% remain undecided.


“It’s okay to be white.”

53% agree, 26% disagree, 21% not sure

“Black people can be racist, too”

76% of agree, 27% disagree, 8% not sure.

The results are nothing short of shocking, suggesting that only 53 percent of African-Americans surveyed think that Caucasians should be allowed to exist.

The rest think otherwise: 26% think Caucasians should not exist, while 21% remain undecided on a matter that should be obvious to all.

This is the definition of bigotry: when you think another group should not exist owing to differences.

This is what the Nazis and other genocidal despots think.

Let’s also be clear that this isn’t a matter that requires deep thinking. You either believe in equality or you do not. If you are in the 21% undecided about equality, there is no gray area. You are a bigot.

Clearly, 47% percent have been heavily influenced by Critical Race Theory taught in schools, radical demagogues on the political scene, and media coverage amplifying race-related issues.

Following any Islamic terror attack, the left goes out of its way to say that one terrorist doesn’t reflect on all Muslims.

Whenever the culprit in a violent crime is black, the race of the culprit is not revealed.

However, when the culprit is white and the victim is black, they call it a hate crime even before the facts emerge.

When 29-year-old Tyre Nichols died at the hands of five black Memphis police officers, the media called it a race-based crime.

When failed actor Jussie Smollett staged a race attack on himself, claiming that the culprits were Trump-supporters, the media treated his words as God’s truth.

When a filmmaker didn’t get nominated for an Oscar, she called it racist.

Clearly, hateful groups such as Black Lives Matter and race-hustlers such as Al Sharpton who enriched themselves by spreading hate are also having an impact.

The result is a large section of the black population who seem to think all of their progress in life is halted because of white people. Their conclusion is that getting rid of white people will solve their problem. Hence, they develop genocidal thoughts. This may be the primary cause of the violence seen against white people.

What is also amazing is that this 47% didn’t mind expressing their racist or perhaps even genocidal view in public. They may understand that the political climate is such that they will receive no criticism or ostracism.

Ideally, the media should focus on the outcome of the poll and introspect. But the self-righteous seldom see their faults.

So they focus on attacking Scott Adams.

What Adams was saying is that he would stay away from and avoid helping those who are so hateful that they think he should not exist because of his race.

Adams wasn’t making a statement; he was reacting to a poll.

We could ask if one poll is enough to pass such a broad judgment, or whether it makes sense for whites to ostracize the 53% of non-bigots because the of 47% who hold bigoted views.

Let’s just ignore the race issue and assume there are people who hate your existence.

Would you like to be around such people or to help them?

The answer is obvious.

One thing we must be sure of is that Adams is no fool.

He knows the polarized climate we are living in and knows the consequences of such claims. He knows that the nuance will be lost and he will be made to look like a racist. He knows that his argument could make him vulnerable to physical attacks. He knows that this cancelation is a point of no return.

Yet he did it.

Adams is known to perform sociological experiments.

Perhaps he was hoping to get knee-jerk reactions so he could make a larger point eventually.

Perhaps he’s trying to start what the left calls “a conversation” about race relations.

Based on what plays out, we shall know very soon.

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