In just a few weeks, congressional Democrats almost without dissent have posted two of the most destructive votes in decades, votes that will be destructive to their own partisan interests as well as those of the country. But will voters hold them accountable? Many will. They all should.

The first was just before Christmas. Every Democrat in the House and Senate voted against the biggest tax cut for families and businesses in 30 years. This was the legislation that Nancy Pelosi denounced as “Armageddon for America.” Even Democrats in red and purple states walked the plank to vote for the nostrums of the left-wing advocacy organizations that have imposed their wants and wishes as the party agenda.

Now four weeks later, the tax cut is producing astonishingly positive benefits for American workers, employers and investors. Two hundred companies have given bonuses to their workers, and there are indications that more’s to come. Apple will bring $300 billion back to America from abroad for investment and hiring. Fiat Chrysler is building an automobile-manufacturing plant in Michigan, the first time in a long time that Detroit is “insourcing,” rather than “outsourcing” jobs to Mexico and China. Like Ol’ Man River, the good news keeps rolling on.

Democrats had been counting on running against an unpopular Republican “tax cut for the rich” in 2018, but now that more than two million working class Americans have received raises or bonuses, that message sounds sour and falls a little flat. “Vote for us,” the party’s pitch seems to go, “we will raise your taxes.” They can’t expect good luck with that.

The liberal media, which regards itself as the shadow government, tempts the party to live in the past where never a discouraging word was heard (or so they recollect). A new ABC News-Washington Post poll finds that there’s good economic news but the credit should go to Barack Obama, who, despite all the fervent wishing otherwise, is still not the president. Only 38 percent of the public, the polltakers say, give President Trump credit for the good news, and 50 percent say the credit should go to the man who left the economy adrift when he left the White House for rented digs uptown a year ago.

The Democrats nevertheless won’t get standing ovations for their vote to shut down the government. It was Democrats in the Senate who voted with such enthusiasm for the government to lock everything down, praying that voters would blame President Trump. Chuck Schumer aimed to shut down the nation as a strategic gambit to win support for an amnesty for the “Dreamers,” the several hundred thousand illegal immigrants brought to America as children by their illegal-immigrant parents. If doing this for the Dreamers is such a priority it’s a mystery why Harry Reid and the Democrats didn’t try to get it done in 2009 and 2010, when Barack Obama was in the White House and the party controlled both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Resting in the ample shade of the no-no tree, the Democrats refuse to provide full funding for the border wall and stand in the way of other attempts to enhance border security and enforcement of immigration law. Democrats caved this week and grudgingly agreed to reopen the government only when it became apparent to everyone, including themselves, that they had no choice.

Democrats capitulated under pressure from the few remaining red-state Democrats like Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, among the most vulnerable Democratic senators in 2018. The never-Trump rants on the left only play well in the northeastern states and California.

The two congressional votes would invite chaos if Chuck Schumer becomes leader of a Democratic majority in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi is once more Speaker of the House of Representatives. A persistent anti-business virus strain flows through the arteries and veins of the party. The Trump resistance movement on the left has degenerated into a dangerous state of derangement. With the economy clearly on a roll you might think everyone would be celebrating good times at hand in America, but the Democrats act as if they’re determined to smother growth and prosperity.

Once voters see through the message of doom and gloom, a strange and dark fantasia, rather than destroying Donald Trump the sore losers of 2016 risk destroying themselves.

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