Trump talks up the economy, jobs, border security, all while the Democrats sit on their hands. What does it take for the Democrats to actually applaud? Some even sat still when President Trump declared, “We will never be a socialist country.”

As I talked about last week, one of the advantages of reopening the government for three weeks was that Trump not only could say that he was compromising with the Democrats, but he could also take center stage by giving the SOTU address.

Trump and his speech-writing team must have really studied audience reaction from past speeches, because the way he talked about illegal immigration and border security was absolutely perfect.

Words matter. Delivery matters. And too often in the past, it was easy for those on the left to spin his comments on drugs and gangs and violence to imply that it applied to all illegal aliens.

Everyone who crosses the border illegally is committing a crime. Everyone. But not everyone who crosses illegally is a drug dealer or a sex trafficker or a gang member. Trump brilliantly separated out the bad guys and painted a very clear picture of why we need a wall and why we need more border security.

What did you think of his speech? How about the reaction by the Democrats? I’ve never seen so many sour faces. Of course, Hollywood celebrities piled on Trump after the speech, and it’s so entertaining to see how out of touch they are.

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