One of the country’s largest and most effective pro-family organizations supports a recently introduced bill that would put an end to government employees’ left-wing activism.

Republican Congressman Jeff Duncan of South Carolina has introduced H.R.146, the Old Glory Only Act, to officially keep U.S. embassies and consulates around the world free of the so-called gay pride, Black Lives Matter, or any flag other than the American flag.

“Our beautiful flag, Old Glory, should be the only flag flying and representing our country over our diplomatic and consular posts worldwide,” said Duncan last month. “The American flag is a beacon of liberty, and no other flag or symbol better portrays our shared values than the Stars and Stripes.”

Walker Wildmon, vice president of the American Family Association (AFA), says Duncan’s bill is right on the mark.

“It would prevent administrations like the Biden administration from flying the sexual deviancy pride rainbow flag or the Marxist BLM flag at our U.S. embassy installations,” he responds.

This issue, Wildmon adds, should be a bi-partisan one, though he does not expect it will be so.

“The Democrats are notorious for politicizing stuff that’s really not political and really not ideological like this,” he observers. “It’s unlikely that this will become law under Biden, but it’s good to go ahead and get the conversation started and make the Democrats have to address this.”

According to FoxNews, the push to fly the rainbow pride flag started in 2014 under the Obama administration, and it has flown over the embassies in more than a dozen countries since then, including Russia, Spain, Sweden, and South Korea.

The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and AFA is encouraging people to help it go to the floor for a vote by taking action today.

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