If you had any doubt, you can clearly set it aside. It’s now set in stone. The Democratic Party has officially become the anti-Constitution, anti-child, anti-capitalism, anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Asian, anti-woman and anti-Christian party of American politics.

No longer does the party of Andrew Jackson, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson even pretend to be the champion of the average man. No longer is this the party of the working class. No longer do Democrats stand for low unemployment, social equality, upward mobility, the blue-collar family, cross-cultural success and a color-blind society.


Look no further than the montage of photos of those sitting in the chamber of our House of Representatives during this past Tuesday’s State of the Union address. Look no further than those sitting all dressed in white; those sitting with smug smiles and self-righteous glares; those sitting and sitting and sitting; those sitting while others stand.

What you see is a group of people who refuse to stand for anything but themselves.

Oh, yes, they stood in raucous self-congratulation for their power, their privilege, their victory, their superiority and their photo-op. But they refused to stand for much of anything else.

These are the people who refused to stand for historic lows in unemployment for blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

These are the people who refused to stand for record highs in our workforce and record lows for inflation.

These are the people who refused to stand against the degradation of jobs for America’s working middle class.

These are the people who refused to stand against socialism and the barbaric economic models of Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea.

These are the people who refused to stand against the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah and their wanton butchery of innocent civilians.

These are the people who refused to stand against anti-Semitism, Jew baiting and Islam’s call for the annihilation of Israel, its women, its children, its fathers and its mothers.

These are the people who refused to stand against human trafficking, modern day slavery and the evils of using our nation’s open borders to transport young boys and girls back and forth as sexual commodities.

These are the people who promote victimization, vengeance and vice while they smirk in the face of virtue.

These are the people who refuse to defend the rights of everyday Christians to simply practice their faith in the public square without fear of government penalty or reprisal.

These are the people who protect themselves behind the walls of their government offices and gated communities while they lecture all the rest of us about the evils of building walls to protect our own communities and our own kids.

These are the people who stand with armed guards while they refuse to stand for our right to bear arms. These are the people who have turned classically “liberal” education into little more than PC indoctrination; people who have stolen the innocence of our children; people who shamelessly experiment on our 5-year-olds in their laboratories of sexual fluidity and identity politics; people who use our schools to brainwash our nation’s youth while using our courts to criminalize any parent who then seeks counseling to correct the classroom’s corruption of their child’s heart, mind and soul.

These are the people who sit silent in the face of all the above. They do not stand and celebrate what is good. They do not condemn what is evil. They sit.

These are people who cannot be trusted. They do not and will not honor and defend our Constitution or our country. They malign our exceptionalism and compromise our sovereignty. They besmirch our flag and mock our motto. The only god in whom they trust is the one they see in the mirror. Their only allegiance is to oligarchy. Their only pledge is to themselves.

They campaign for a divided country rather than a United States. They preach color over character and intersectionality over independence. Their goal is retribution rather than responsibility. They print money and pander to immorality. They celebrate the objectification of children and diminish the objective reality of women. They defend killing babies before and even after they’re born. They praise the brutality of foreign despots while they defame the legacy of our nation’s fathers.

Truth is foreign to these people. They traffic in deception.

They are a people who boo God at their conventions and worship government in their colleges, their courts and their campaigns. They disparage our republic. They seek not to “keep it” but to defame it.

With power in the hands of people such as this, our nation is lost.

How can any faithful Christian vote for these people or for this party?

Answer: You can’t.

Endnote: Tom Coburn, Ben Shapiro, Ben Sasse, Allen West and Mark Levin have all called upon us to use Article 5 of our Constitution to stop these people from destroying what’s left of our free republic. They’re right. The foxes are in the henhouse and we’re all going to be had for lunch if we don’t use the “weapon” our Founders bequeathed us for protection.

• Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, is the author of “Not A Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth” (Regnery 2017).

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