Virginia’s Democrat governor, already under fire for radio show comments, came forward and apologized for being shown in blackface when he was in medical school. But then, he took back the apology. He said it wasn’t him… THAT time. He did, however, dress in blackface on a different occasion for a Michael Jackson contest.

Yes, this has gone from insane to just plain bizarre. The Democrats are calling for Gov. Ralph Northam’s resignation, not because he said that abortions could occur AFTER birth, but because of a blackface photo from thirty-five years ago. Ah… the priorities. Check it out!

In the show, I also point out that Bill Maher just had black Congressman Will Hurd on his program and made a reference to Hurd hanging out at Popeye’s Chicken restaurants while doing covert CIA work. What is wrong with these people???

What did you think of the Super Bowl ads? I was stunned when I saw the Washington Post ad. They actually spent $5.2 million to tell all of us how important journalists are. Can you believe it?!?! They end the ad with the words, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Yep, that means journalists must be the “light” of truth. Give me a break!

There’s just so much nonsense going on, and those on the left live in an alternate reality. Outrage over blackface, but no outrage for abortion after birth. Wow! And we should be thanking our lucky stars that we have journalists. That’s what I call fake news.

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