Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who used to be known for her Democratic National Committee leadership but who is now widely recognized as the lady who shielded Pakistani-born Imran Awan while he was being investigated and arrested for scandals tied to his cushy House IT job, needs to herself face scrutiny.

That’s an understatement. Wasserman Schultz is at the heart of one of the most significant, potential Muslim spy stories to emerge in America’s politics in years — and the fact that the left’s turned largely a blind eye to the whole matter, or worse, dug in to defend, only raises suspicions, and hackles, further.

A few days ago, The New York Times announced this in a headline: “Trump Fuels Intrigue Surrounding a Former I.T. Worker’s Arrest.”

Talk about turning attention. Talk about burying the lead. Talk about trying to paint the whole yearslong, Awan-related scandal as a tin-hat fantasy of President Donald Trump’s.

It was a headline that ran after the widely reported stories of Awan’s dramatic arrest, made at the airport, en route to Pakistan via Qatar, shortly after he made a curious transfer of $300,000 to a bank he could access overseas — stories that were spun by Democrats as right-wing hit jobs against a poor victimized Muslim.


It was this poor, victimized Muslim, remember, that drew — with his two brothers — $4 million or so of tax-paid dollars while serving simply as part-time IT consultants for select Democrats on Capitol Hill. Can you say lucrative? Awan continued his service even after feds in February started investigating him for fraud and theft — even after feds confiscated smashed computer hard drives from his home.

Wasserman Schultz, meanwhile, didn’t fire Awan until he was arrested, just days ago, trying to flee the country via Dulles airport in Virginia.

Heard enough? It seems a sit-down with Wasserman Schultz may be in order, yes?

This isn’t a simple case of financial fraud.

Think about it. Here’s a Pakistani-born Muslim working for a leading Democrat, Wasserman Schultz, since 2005, and for other key Democrats since 2009, under investigation by feds, detained while fleeing the country and after making an eyebrow-raising $300,000 transfer to his overseas bank — with smashed computer hard drives and a questionable trail of computer access from who knows how many Democratic offices. And Wasserman Schultz doesn’t want to fire him until he’s physically arrested?

Even a made-for-TV movie about the matter wouldn’t be believed.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, or FACT, a nonpartisan watchdog group, has just filed a complaint against the Florida lawmaker with the Office of Congressional Ethics. Item No. 1 that the group wants answered: Why did Wasserman Schultz continue to pay Awan, even while knowing feds were investigating him for fraud?

Good, good and more good. Another question to tack on: Who else is Wasserman Schultz shielding with her silence?

Wasserman Schultz should be called to testify under oath to Congress, to address these questions and more. And the media outlets that are refusing to report on this scandal?

For shame.

Wasserman Schultz is likely the tip of the iceberg of Democratic players in this Awan case. And it’s both obvious and maddening: If Wasserman Schultz were a Republican, the media would be talking of nothing else.

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