There are two new sheriffs in town — a capitalist and a socialist — and it’s time for the establishment to get out of the way.

The American people spoke loud and clear in New Hampshire Tuesday. Voters in both parties are deeply unsatisfied with the status quo and crave change.

Bernie Sanders talks about starting a political “revolution,” and Donald Trump, who has single-handedly turned the GOP on its head, blasted the Beatles song “Revolution” as he mounted the stage at his victory celebration in Manchester.

I was at the Trump event and saw throngs of passionate voters of all ages excited to elect an outsider to “Take Back Our Country” and “Make America Great Again.” The room was alive with energy.

Washington is broken and it’s no longer working — on both sides of the aisle. When I ask friends or even strangers what their political party is, the answer I hear most often is, “Disgusted.”

Americans are fed up with all the politicians who promise one thing and do another. It’s time to stop lying to our face. President Obama promised over 37 times in speeches, “If you like your health care and your doctor, you can keep it.” Then Obamacare kicked in and millions of Americans saw their plans eviscerated.

Hillary Clinton gave a press conference last March at the United Nations where she said she did not send or receive any classified information on her home server while secretary of state. To date, the FBI has found over 1,600 classified or “top secret” emails on that drive. That’s not someone who’s looking out for us.

I asked a young adult working at J.C. Penney’s in Nashua on Election Day why he was “Feeling the Bern.” He said, “Bernie is honest.” When I asked why he’s not voting for Hillary, he said he didn’t trust her. Character counts.

When it comes to the Republican party, voters are equally appalled. We fought hard to get Republicans elected in the midterms and virtually nothing has changed. Hence, Donald Trump’s meteoric ascent.

A dysfunctional, failing Washington establishment shouldn’t whine about Trump and Sanders because they created both — with their partisanship, corruption, incompetence, cronyism and lack of ability to form a productive consensus.

This is precisely why two disruptors have catapulted to the top. Both are change agents and exactly what our country needs.

Adriana Cohen is co-host of “Herald Drive,” airing 6-9 a.m. weekdays on Boston Herald Radio. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16.


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