An esteemed Chinese-American businesswoman and attorney says the tension between the U.S. and China – combined with the East Asian’s country expansive growth in the region – could have grave consequences for countries around the world.

In light of Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan, AFN reported on Wednesday that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could be “prepared to use its growing navy to attempt to restrict America’s free access to sea lanes.” In fact, the regime conducted “precision missile strikes” Thursday in the Taiwan Strait and in the waters off the eastern coast of Taiwan.

This is all of great concern to Betty Chu, who represents the first generation of her Chinese family to be born in the United States – and is grateful to be away from Communist China. The California native who is also the first Chinese-American woman to pass the bar admission of the State Bar of California tells America Family News that she considers the militarization of South China Sea Islands to be one of the “most troubling” issues in the region.

As the Chinese regime extends its presence from mainland China, she warns of “great dangers to the South China Sea being left under the influence or control of the CCP.” Her biggest concern? “World peace is at stake.”

According to Chu, the Chinese regime’s expansive growth is a “call for domination.” If the CCP were to exert control over the South China Sea, she says, “it will be a major, major obstacle that further increases the problems with supply chain distributions all over the world.”

In the long term, she admits, it could benefit the United States, sparking the country to make an investment in its own manufacturing plants. However, she considers the impact on the rest of the world more critical.

“Those waters [in the South China Sea] are so important for trade and commerce,” Chu explains.

She contends that Chinese control of shipping lanes would force “debt-owing countries owing to China to be fully subservient to China’s wishes to be the dominant power.”

Threatening religion and the future

Chu warns that as the dominant power, China’s clout – militarily and financially – will increase and possibly lead to an assault on religion. “If they attack religion the same way they are doing it in China, it will be much easier for China to impose its communist programs upon the whole world,” she tells AFN.

And an attack on religion in the U.S., she predicts, would have severe implications because “the religious community is one of largest groups in America that provides protection for the nation’s constitutional rights.”

Under the leadership of former President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Chu shares she was “fairly comfortable” there wouldn’t be a major confrontation between China and the U.S. that would escalate to war. However, after watching the Chinese regime’s expansive growth and increasing number of threats during the Biden administration, she confesses she is no longer comfortable.

“A war could occur during my lifetime,” the 85-year-old laments. “I fear for the future of young people. Now, more than ever, is the time to push back against the CCP.”


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