A media analyst says Democrat candidates up for election in the November midterm have a “Russia problem.”

Democrats looking to make good in November have a hard row to hoe, what with a booming economy, low unemployment, rising paychecks, and President Trump’s increasing foreign policy successes. They might get a foothold with the far left if they could talk about free college tuition, gun control, or opening U.S. borders, but they cannot get a word in edgewise with the media. They are only talking about on one thing: Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia.

“Since the media decided they wanted him to lose – or be impeached, depending on before or after the election – every story is about Donald Trump,” notices Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center (MRC). “You just can’t swing a dead cat and not hit a Donald Trump story.”

The longer the Mueller probe goes on without even a hint of collusion, the more Americans tend to tune them out – a fact that MSNBC and the rest seem slow to pick up on.

“They’re like that crazy woman who sends 65,000 texts to the guy after the first date. That’s what the American media are,” Gainor suggests.

He says the networks will occasionally relent and have someone on who will talk issues, but it is not helping the centrist Democrats running in Trump country.

“There’s a reason for that. They don’t want them to talk because they’re afraid of what they might say,” the MRC spokesman submits. “The only people who want to talk issues on the left are whack-a-doodle. They’re the Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders faction. They want to take all your money and redistribute it to people who never earned it.”

But in an economy with a growing middle class, Gainor says people are beginning to realize they are the givers, not the getters.

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