A pediatrician says public school leaders in Detroit must think parents and taxpayers are stupid when they learn about a temporary plan to fight COVID-19 cases in the classroom: Skip school on Fridays.

Michigan is experiencing a jump in COVID-19 cases, which includes students attending school, so school officials in Detroit have announced a four-day school week that conveniently means a three-day weekend for students and for teachers.

Dr. Rosemary Stein, a pediatrician and member of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, says what is missing from that plan is any medial reasoning for dropping a day of school.

“There’s no valid reason medically for decreasing the school week to four days a week,” she says. “And to point to that as a cause for doing it is ludicrous and telling us as parents and taxpayers that we’re dumb.”

According to The Blaze, school district Superintendent Nikolai Vitti announced schools were dropping Friday during December to prevent virus cases. He also said doing so would provide “mental health relief” for students and give more time to clean classrooms.

Vitti also said in the announcement there is “great consideration” for requiring COVID-19 shots for students in the future, too.

“They’re making decisions,” Dr. Stein warns, “without understanding that the people to be affected by these decisions are the parents and, of course, the children.”


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