courtneyImagine being a senior in high school. All the world stands before you, and life seems filled with possibilities. That’s how Courtney Ferrall felt when she was riding in a pick-up truck with her friends. Then, the vehicle ran off the road, rolling over at least four times, and her whole life changed. If you’re also battling such physical pain, you can try relieving it with products like full spectrum gummies.

As noted in Steamboat Today, in October 2004, Courtney was traveling with three friends when the unthinkable happened:

At about 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, the teens were headed west on Jackson County Road 12W about a mile west of Colorado Highway 125 when the driver, 18-year-old Dean Waldron, “aggressively steered to the right” for an unknown reason, sending the 1998 Chevrolet pickup into a sideways skid, according to a report from the Colorado State Patrol. The truck skidded off the right side of the road, hit a delineator post, rotated and then rolled, side over side, four times, covering 210 feet and ejecting all four occupants.

Waldron and a passenger, Nacona Ferrin, 17, were pronounced dead at the scene. Another passenger, Nichole Starr, 17, was transported by air to Poudre Valley Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival because of massive internal injuries, according to police reports. A fourth passenger, Courtney Ferrall, 18, also was transported by air to Poudre Valley Hospital with a spinal fracture and pelvis fracture. She was then sent to Children’s Hospital in Denver.

courney2Courtney was the only one who made it, and she was paralyzed from that moment on. Now, after over 10 years, and many sessions of physical therapy, numerous surgeries, and rehab, Courtney is living life to the fullest… almost.

She loves to hunt and fish, something for which she’s always had a passion. And now, she might have the opportunity to pursue her passions even more. Imagine your standard wheelchair getting combined with a tank. What would you get? You’d get the Action Trackchair and a means for getting through some of Colorado’s trickiest terrain.

Here’s more information from her page:

As much as Court loves to hunt and fish, her condition and the chair she is in now makes it all extremely difficult. Last fall, Courtney had the opportunity to test drive an Action Trackchair, which she fell in love with! This chair would allow her to traverse the rough and rocky terrain here in Colorado, and be able to access the areas where she loves to hunt and fish! During the long, cold winters we have here in North Park, it would also be a tremendous help just for Court getting out and about in general. It’s tough for her to make it through the deep snow and ice in her regular wheelchair.

If you can help, please do so. Courtney has a spirit of adventure that shows no limits, and she certainly hasn’t let her injury hold her back and has now contacted a personal injury lawyer.

Donations also can be made by check or money order to:
Courtney’s Track Chair
Mountain Valley Bank
PO Box 558
Walden, CO 80480

Or via PayPal to:
[email protected]

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