Lawyers for Jack Phillips are appealing to a federal judge after the Colorado baker has been targeted a second time by the state’s Civil Rights Commission.

On the first go-round, the Masterpiece Cakeshopcase wound its way through the Colorado courts, through the state’s Supreme Court, and on to the U.S. Supreme court, where business owner Jack Phillips won a landmark 7-2 victoryAlliance Defending Freedom attorney Jake Warner says this time around his legal group is asking a federal court to slap the Civil Rights Commission back in line.

“Colorado did not change its policy after the Supreme Court issued its decision; it did not disavow any position it had taken before,” he tells OneNewsNow. “Quite the contrary, they believe nothing has changed.”

OneNewsNow reported in June 2017 that the Christian baker had been targeted for a second time. Warner explains:

“The same day that the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear Jack’s case last year, a local attorney and LGBT advocate contacted Jack’s shop requesting a cake with a pink-and-blue design celebrating that attorney’s transition from male to female.”

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Phillips politely declined, ADF points out – yet the transgender who calls himself “Autumn Scardina” immediately called the Commission, which started prosecuting Masterpiece … again.

Warner argues that the Supreme Court was clear in the first case: Colorado is treating the Christian baker differently simply because of his faith. “What it looks to us is that Colorado is simply ignoring that part of the opinion,” he adds, “and we want the federal court to step in and say, No, that’s actually what the Supreme Court said.”

According to ADF, Scardina tried again after his first request. Telephone records show that the attorney later requested a black-and-red cake depicting Satan smoking a marijuana joint.


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