CNN and MSNBC, which have benefited from their anti-Trump bias for the last four years, are growing increasingly concerned about their collective futures without him.

According to The New York Times, executives at the two networks have been holding private meetings with producers and anchors to try and figure out what they should do once Joe Biden is inaugurated.

“People at both networks know that viewers who abhorred President Trump may no longer need their nightly therapy sessions with Rachel Maddow or Don Lemon. And President-Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. seems unlikely to generate the 24/7 grist of drama and scandal that resurrected cable news, taking it from a dying medium to a focal point of modern politics.”

Trump was a news machine. He constantly fired off tweets about a wide range of issues at all hours of the day and had a tendency to inject politics into non-political events, keeping the media busy.

Now that he is about to leave office, there will be a news void for them as well as the other outlets that refashioned their news operations to focus on Trump.

Those efforts paid off handsomely for CNN and MSNBC, which set new records for them in the ratings.

Now, they face 2021 without their chief protagonist. It doesn’t look very appealing and even some of the anchors are nervous.

As one MSNBC on-air personality quoted by the Times asked, “What happens when you don’t need us?”

Don Irvine serves as the Publisher for Accuracy in Media. He is active on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow him @donirvine to read his latest thoughts. View the complete archives from Don Irvine.

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