Not only do the hosts of CNN’s programming reveal themselves to be overt advocates for the left, they show a complete lack of understanding of even the basics of American civics and history. CNN’s Don Lemon recently stated on air that not only is mob harassment acceptable (if, of course, the harassers are unhinged “progressives”), but is a Constitutional right.

It’s so, so hard to watch CNN. I try to tell myself that I’m “taking one for the team” by watching some of their programming and relaying what’s being said to all of you. I feel that Americans should know what the left is spewing out and what many people across the country are consuming without even thinking. But, man is it difficult to watch.

In trying to educate one of his guests, Lemon said, “Look at the Constitution of the United States. It gives people the right to protest.”

Lemon went on to say, “You can protest whenever and wherever you want. It doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it in a restaurant. It doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it on a football field. … And to call people mobs because they are exercising their constitutional right is beyond the pale.”

Wow! I’ve never seen so many wrong, uneducated statements is such a short amount of time… ever. You can watch the exchange for yourself.

As you know, the Bill of Rights is a contract between the federal government and the people. It is not a contract between a football player and the team owner. It is not a contract between mob protestors and those who want to peacefully enjoy a meal in a restaurant.

Lemon makes up definitions to suit his and his employer’s left wing agenda. Mob rule is mob rule, and if you say it’s ok for an angry mob to scream and harass and threaten people who are walking along a sidewalk or enjoying dinner, then you are condoning mob rule.

Lemon’s comments were quickly addressed by those who actually have half a grasp of reality.

The “this is not a mob” memo circulated by the left did not just land on Lemon’s desk alone. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin echoed the talking point by rolling her eyes at the mention of a mob during her recent program.

“Oh… you’re not going to use the mob word here,” Baldwin moaned. The CNN host even reached the point where she couldn’t say the word, noting, “Let’s move past the ‘m’ word here.”

Mob rule is wrong. Yes, people can protest, but to say that anything goes as long as it’s a leftwing radical doing it is ridiculous. Civil discourse starts with people being civil. Those on the left, including so-called journalists, are showing that violence and threats of violence are ok if it moves their agenda forward. They can’t win at the ballot box. They can’t win by blocking Supreme Court nominees through smears. Their next strategy is mob rule, and the consequences will not be good.

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