It’s time to vote. No, it’s not Election Day yet, but around the country, polls are already open. This allows people to vote at their convenience, but it also means we will now be hearing report after report of illegal voting activities and intimidation. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

Here are just two examples, with one being more sinister than the other, but both being illegal.

First, we go to Colorado, where Democrats are being accused of breaking elections laws by offering free food and t-shirts to voters.

The Colorado Republican Committee sent a letter to the Larimer County clerk alleging wrongdoing by campaigners for the Democratic Party during the first day of early voting on the CSU campus.

“Operatives for the Democratic Party, or for what appears to be the Obama campaign, had set up a table located right outside the Lory Student Center, which is where one of the early vote locations is,” Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call said.

Photos were provided by the Colorado Republican Party that they say demonstrates their concern. They claim the Democratic organizers were too close to the entrance of the polling place and were violating state laws.

Here’s a report by CBS Denver:

The next story definitely has more serious implications. Imagine being a new citizen in Florida (a crucial state, of course) and receiving a letter that your citizenship is being questioned and if you vote before the issue is resolved, you could go to jail. Here’s the story:

A clever attempt at intimidation and suppression of Republican voters is now under investigation in, where else, the state of Florida.

The historic battleground, with 29 Electoral College votes up for grabs, begins early voting Saturday, but dozens of voters so far have produced strange letters they just received informing them that their citizenship is under question and if they attempt to cast a ballot before clearing the issue up they face a felony charge and possible jail time.

But the letters are bogus, and all were postmarked in Seattle.

“My concern is that, again, the absentee ballot folks or some elderly folks in Florida that aren’t as mobile, can’t get to the election office — they may just be on the fence, whether they want to vote or not in the election — will just decide I’m not going to do it, I’m not going to risk it,” said John DeAngelis, one of the Florida voters who received the letter.

Fox News provides more details:

It’s bad enough that we have to hear Obama say things that are blatantly false: Benghazi explanation, oil drilling permits, Romney’s education record, bayonets, and on and on. But we also face those who will stop at nothing to get him reelected.

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