A longtime Canadian activist says Chick-fil-A, currently under fire for caving to homosexual activists, dropped a huge hint in his home country about the company’s future direction.

Dr. Charles McVety, president of the Institute for Canadian Values, says one clue to a Chick-fil-A’s new direction was hiring Navigator, a powerful, international lobbying firm, as part of its expansion in Canada.

Navigator, which has a Toronto office, is the “number one gay lobbying firm” in Canada, McVety says, and he blames the powerful lobbyist for successfully pushing for homosexual “marriage” at the same time McVety was working with other Christian conservatives to oppose it.

McVety, who is interviewed regularly by OneNewsNow about Canadian politics, was so alarmed to learn Chick-fil-A was working with Navigator that he contacted OneNewsNow weeks ago to express his dismay.

“When Chick-fil-A partnered with them,” McVety says, “it certainly caused us to open our eyes.”

The Toronto Star reported on Chick-fil-A’s business partnership with Navigator in a Sept. 11 story that describes the corporation’s plans to open 15 restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area in a liberal climate that was not warming up to the company.

Chick-fil-A used a business news website on Monday to announce a new “charitable giving structure” and to acknowledge it was dropping any partnership with non-profits that are perceived as “anti-LGBT” by homosexual activists.

The Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes were both named in the news story.

Longtime defenders of the Christian-based corporation also noticed that Chick-fil-A’s COO said the company needs to “be clear about who we are” as it expands into new markets.

The first Toronto-based Chick-fil-A restaurant was enduring public protests (pictured at left) at about the same time Navigator was being hired, the Star story suggested.

Navigator’s entry in a government lobbying registry states Chick-fil-A is seeking a “smooth launch” to its Canadian expansion, so Navigator wants to “facilitate open dialogue and foster long-term relationships with key decision makers in areas of interest to their operations.”

“When you can’t afford to lose,” is Navigator’s corporate slogan.


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