The commissioner of the National Basketball Association doesn’t want the All-Star game in Charlotte, but the league is apparently fine with playing in China.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver wants to pull next year’s All-Star game from Charlotte, North Carolina, if the state doesn’t change its “bathroom law.” The commissioner says the NBA has been clear on its position regarding the law (HB 2) that bans people from using public facilities of the opposite gender. Proponents say the law is for public safety and privacy rights, while critics argue it’s discriminatory of transgender people.

Meanwhile, the NBA plans to return to China to play some preseason games this October. The People’s Republic of China is known for its human rights and religious freedom abuses.

Steve McConkey, president of the sports ministry 4 Winds Christian Athletics, accuses the NBA of being hypocritical.

“They’re going to go to China where they persecute Christians and put Christians in jail, bulldoze church buildings, take crosses off the tops of buildings – but they’ll go into North Carolina and remove a game where Christians have stood up?” McConkey summarizes.

“I think that what they’re trying to do is come against Christians – and there’s a persecution of Christians that’s going to come even greater if we don’t keep standing up.”

McConkey adds it’s wrong that sports organizations like the NBA are trying to dictate to Christians what’s right and what’s wrong. “They’re acting like the Gestapo, going in and telling people what they can believe and not believe. They should stick to sports and stay out of politics,” he concludes.

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