Can America survive the millennial generation? A new survey points to some very disturbing trends. Ilhan Omar finds herself in deep “you know what” for not only allegedly having an affair, but also using campaign funds for her guy’s travel expenses. Beto O’Rourke blames the U.S. for the drought in Guatemala, and our BE a Champion segment focuses on the founder of Young Americans Against Socialism.

A new survey shows that millennials put much less importance on American values such as patriotism, a belief in God, and having children. However, “self fulfillment” is high on their priorities! What’s happening to this generation? It’s the generation that now prefers socialism over capitalism.

Ilhan Omar is not only facing scrutiny over an alleged affair with a consultant, but now it appears that her campaign paid over $21,000 to this guy for “travel expenses.” Do you think she realizes that using campaign funds for a personal romance is against the law?

There’s a new organization that is starting to make waves with the next generation, and it’s call Young Americans Against Socialism. The founder and CEO is 22-year-old Morgan Zegers, and she is profiled in today’s “BE a Champion” segment. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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