There is a sign in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma that is starting to garner national attention. All of the uproar began with Barack Obama’s now infamous “you didn’t build that” line which has come to epitomize Obama’s embrace of government and hostility to small business owners across the country. One business owner decided to show Obama how he really felt, so he put up a rather large sign telling the president just how he felt.

As reported by KTUL Channel 8, in the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow, there is a sign next to the building of Additive Systems, Inc. The sign reads:

“We” Built This Business Without Gov’t Help.

Obama Can Kiss Our A**

I’m Bob Roggendorff & I Approve This Message.

Here’s the video report from KTUL:

Now, I can understand how the woman wants to give credit to those who helped her along the way. That’s fine. But SHE made it. Those are HER achievements. And she didn’t get those because the all-mighty government bestowed some gift upon her through its infinite kindness and wisdom.

People build businesses. People succeed. Not government!

So what do you think? Valid sentiment or over the line?

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