We’ve heard story after story of airport security pat-downs that have crossed the line. We can now add one more to the growing list of “do these people really have no common sense” incidents. The nun has been searched. The six-year-old girl had to get patted down. Now, we have the story of TSA agents who refused to let a 95-year-old woman in a wheel chair board her flight unless they inspected her adult diaper. The government has clearly gone bonkers!

As reported in the Christian Science Monitor, a complaint has now been filed following a search of 95-year-old Lena Reppert, because TSA agents insisted that they must search Reppert’s adult diaper.

TSA officials responded to both complaints the same way. “We have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally and according to proper procedure,” they said.

As you can see from the following video, not only did Reppert undergo a traumatic experience, but so did her daughter, Jean Weber, who was accompanying Reppert on the airplane. Because Weber was distraught from what was happening, she had to undergo additional screening as well.

The Associated Press story on GOPUSA quotes Weber as saying, “She would not be cleared with those Depends on.”

Officials offered to pull their luggage off the plane so Reppert could change into a clean diaper, but Weber said she feared her mother, a retired nurse, would miss her flight.

“She is frail. I had arranged for these times because it’s the time she was the strongest every day,” Weber said. “I just did not want to put her through some kind of wait.”

However, Weber said the agents would not allow her to remove the diaper in the screening room – so she had to take her mother to a restroom outside the security area, and then wait in line to be screened again. The second time, Weber said she triggered an alarm herself because she was upset and crying.

Perhaps the TSA agents were just following guidelines. That’s not even the point! The point is that if an incident like this is allowed to happen, then 1) the guidelines are clearly ridiculous, and 2) the TSA agents need to step up and do the right thing. Saying you were “just following the guidelines” is no excuse for a complete lack of common sense.

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