Former President Bill Clinton is blaming Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey and “angry white men” for his wife, Hillary Clinton’s, loss to her Republican rival for the presidency, the now President-elect Donald Trump.

After multi-state recounts, attempted re-maneuvering of Electoral College votes and accusations that Russia hacked into the Internet and turned the election so that Trump won, the former president of the United States is still not taking his wife’s defeat to her GOP challenger well.

Comey did it …

As little hope remains for Hillary Clinton to steal back the election due to the aforementioned efforts, her husband has taken to blaming Comey’s reopening of the FBI investigation — into her private email server scandal – for losing to Trump in his November upset.

Bill Clinton vented his blame game on Comey when he ran into the editor of a paper while shopping in a Westchester town at a local bookstore …

“James Comey cost her the election,” Bill Clinton insisted when speaking with the editor of the Bedford-Pund Ridge Record Review.

Even though the scandal over Hillary Clinton using her email server to transmit confidential and sensitive national security information had been raging for quite some time during the entire course of her presidential campaign, Comey decided to reopen it just weeks out from the presidential election.

It is argued that the FBI director decided to reopen the investigation after coming under fire for prematurely closing probe this summer – despite the fact that tens of thousands of mismanaged emails were uncovered from her four years of service as secretary of state during President Barack Obama’s first term.

The former aspiring “first man” implied that the timing of Comey’s reopening of the email investigation hindered his wife from winning – despite the fact that the head of the FBI promptly called the probe to a close once again before the election took place.

Bringing race into it …

Bill Clinton also took the opportunity during his run-in at the bookstore to fuel the racial divide – that was widened by his wife during her presidential campaign – by accusing Trump of catering to disgruntled Caucasian males to win the election.

The former Democratic commander-in-chief took a jab at Trump when the editor asked whether he thought that the president-elect was smart [in being able to steal the election away from his wife].

“He doesn’t know much,” the former Arkansas governor asserted. “One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

This was a particularly touchy topic for Bill Clinton because he tried to warn his wife that she could lose the election if she evaded campaigning to gain the votes of white males.

“[Bill] Clinton had reportedly been the sole voice urging the Clinton campaign to focus on white, working class Americans, and was the only one to stump for his wife among these voters,” Townhall reported.

Despite his insistence that the Hillary campaign needed to divert some of its attention from catering to feminist, LGBT, black, Hispanic, environmentalist and Muslim voters – and concentrate on campaigning to embrace the votes of white males – his wife and her advisers paid little heed.

“According to reports, Clinton’s campaign ignored Bill’s advice – telling him they weren’t worth their time or effort,” Townhall’s Leah Barkoukis informed. “Big mistake …”


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