Hundreds of businesses, including numerous nationally recognized pro-LGBT American corporations, are joining hands in their attack against pro-family bills protecting women, children and religious freedom in North Carolina and Georgia.

At the helm of the concerted effort to push the homosexual agenda in the two states and challenge religious rights are two business alliances, Equality NC and Georgia Prospers.

2nd Vote Executive Director Lance Wray contends that the organized opposition to religious liberty is using its resonance with consumers to push its progressive anti-religious views on consumers.

“Georgia Prospers and Equality NC have enlisted the the influence of a very powerful, big business lobby in [a] coordinated effort to bully these states to give way to a radical, liberal agenda,” says Wray, according to LifeSiteNews.

The leader of the conservative nonprofit group defending religious freedom contends that all Georgia and North Carolina residents have reason to worry about this threat to privacy, safety and the ability to live out their faith.

“These companies and their allies are promoting an agenda that should be concerning to conservatives and all who value religious liberty,” Wray continued.

After conducting research to identify some of the major corporations supporting the pro-LGBT attack on the two pro-religious freedom bills, 2nd Vote discovered a number of key companies on Equality NC and Georgia Prospers websites as being key allies in its opposition effort against the bills: Google, Facebook, Twitter, IBM, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Quotient, Zynga and Accenture.

In addition to the household names listed above, 2nd Vote revealed that Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and Starwood were among the American-based hotel chains that have banded with Equality NC and Georgia Prospers to erode the liberties residents.

Wray went on to explain that many of these consumer favorites have worked to take away the rights of Americans that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

“Many of these companies are headquartered outside of Georgia and North Carolina, but have joined forces with liberal advocacy groups to undermine common sense, 1st Amendment protections for people of faith, including small-business owners,” the defender of religious freedom pointed out.

Separate but equally important battles

Even though the bills designed to protect children, families and their Christian values are different in North Carolina and Georgia, they both deal with protections that are essential to state residents if they are to provide security and the ability to live according to one’s sincerely held religious beliefs.

In the Tar Heel State, businesses and families seeking to protect their customers, women and children believe its newly enforced law is necessary to provide a safe environment for those who are vulnerable to potential sexual predators in restrooms and locker rooms statewide.

“North Carolina came under fire recently after the state enacted legislation to reverse the so-called ‘Bathroom Bill’ in Charlotte that many critics reasoned would place an undue burden on businesses and create privacy concerns,” LifeSiteNews reports.

Pro-LGBT activist across the nation have stood up to protest the pro-family North Carolina view, with the Mayor of San Francisco urging city residents to not travel to the Eastern state as a show of contempt toward its new legislation.

Meanwhile, the bill that was highly contested by pro-LGBT businesses in the Peach State was more focused on preserving the freedom of pastors and other members of the Church who seek to practice their faith according to their biblically based beliefs.

“In Georgia, legislation designed to protect pastors and churches from being coerced to participate in same-sex weddings was vetoed last week after several corporations, including the National Football League, threatened economic boycotts of the state,” the pro-family news site added.

In addition to the NFL’s commissioner public condemnation of the newly proposed law in Georgia, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons sided with LGBT activists to put pressure on those supporting the bill, contending that such legislation would discriminate against some fans and jeopardize the chances of his team’s stadium to host a Super Bowl within the next few years.


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