Speaker Nancy Pelosi, defending her House’s ridiculous call to impeachment arms, opened debate on the articles by referring to America as a “republic” — a “republic if we can keep it” — and by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the “republic” of America.

My, what a patriot this Queen of Socialists has become. Nothing suspicious there, right?

If that’s not enough red flag to show this entire impeachment charade is just that, a charade, then what is? Democrats giving lessons on America as a republic — what a hoot.

“Let us recall what that flag says,” Pelosi said, before launching into recitation of the pledge. “To the republic … to the republic for which it stands … the republic, for which it stands, is what we are here to talk about today. A republic, if we can keep it.”

My, oh, my, who knew Pelosi had such a regard for the republic? Here’s a woman who regularly talks about the democracy of America, the democracy that must be upheld. Here’s a woman who recently ceded her entire party to socialists. Here’s a woman who then went on to talk about the “oath of office” all congressional members must take at their seating, an oath that then “makes us custodians of the Constitution,” she said.

First the republic. Then the Constitution. What’s next, the Bible?

Nope. The founders. Pelosi then went on a few trips down Founding Father Lane, reciting this framer as saying that, that framer as saying this.

Somebody point Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — the socialist who runs against the political grain of a republic, a Constitution and an oath of office — Pelosi’s way.

What a sad and sorry show.

It’s bad enough Democrats have advanced this entire impeachment debacle to the actual reading of articles.

But being lectured by Pelosi, the antithesis of constitutional governing, on the particulars of a republic is about as face-slappingly galling as it can get. If Pelosi wants to pretend affinity for a republic, and adherence to the republic, she should start by vetting her own party and removing the many, oh so many, forces that stand in stark opposition to this republic called America.

And in the meantime, quit reciting the pledge as if it’s a teaching moment for the real patriots of the nation.

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