President Joe Biden’s address to the nation on the COVID-19 pandemic was called nothing short of “the most disgusting, propagandistic speech” that any politician has ever given – as stated by conservative personality Mark Levin.

The host of Fox News’ Life, Liberty & Levin blasted the president for blatantly trying to take credit where credit is not due.

“I used to think Joe Biden was a doddering fool – he couldn’t tell his sister from his wife and he didn’t know the name of the secretary of defense – and there you are mocking him for not having press conferences,” Levin mused on Hannity Thursday, according to Fox News. “Now I know why he doesn’t have press conferences – he’s busy inventing the vaccines and figuring out how to distribute them.”

“Little did we know, he is not a doddering old fool – an egomaniac and a narcissist taking credit for the work of Donald Trump and all these other people. He has been working like no president in American history – he is the modern-day Jonas Salk.”

He was sarcastically comparing Biden to the virologist who developed the first successful vaccine to fight polio before addressing how the Biden administration uses smoke and mirrors to deceive the public into believing that it is responsible for rolling out the vaccines.

“You’ll notice, [Biden] and his spokesperson, [Jen] Psaki, never tell us exactly what they’ve done, and exactly who’s done it, that is so different from the Trump administration – this is so appalling,” Levin added. “This man has exploited this pandemic like no politician has ever exploited a pandemic.”

Biting the hand that feeds you …

It was pointed out how Biden has played to the public’s ignorance, acting as though he pulled the strings to make the hundreds of millions of vaccines available when former President Donald Trump – who he accused of handling the pandemic poorly – was the one who fast-tracked the vaccines.

“[L]ast summer – before we had a vaccine – just in case one of these would work, [Trump] contracted and paid for 800 million doses to cover 400 million people,” Levin recounted. “On December 23rd, when only Pfizer and Moderna had received emergency authorizations, the Trump Administration went in and they ordered another 200 million vaccinations.”

“Where [do] you think these vaccines are coming from? You think they’re coming from Joe Biden in the basement? They didn’t have any idea what was going on, in terms of the distribution process.”

Besides setting Biden up for success to overcome the coronavirus with expedited vaccines – of which the president took several while Trump was still president – Trump also helped out another scandal-plagued Democrat, who is reportedly responsible for killing thousands of senior citizens in New York by sending COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes.

“Levin concluded that Democrats should be giving credit to the former president, saying Trump ‘bailed out’ New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during the worst period of New York’s viral spread by sending a U.S. Navy hospital ship to New York Harbor and helping convert the Javits Convention Center to a mass hospital space,” Fox News reported.

With much of the $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus going to blue states that forced businesses to close in massive lockdowns and caused them to go bankrupt, Levin blamed Biden and Democrats for not only using the crisis for political gain and control, but also for covering up the pandemic’s origin.

“The Democratic governors have destroyed their economies, people can’t get out of their states fast enough to go to Republican states,” Levin impressed. “This is a disgrace, what Joe Biden did, and by the way, he says it’s a war on the virus. Well, who started the war? Communist China – his friends. What did he say about communist China today? Not a thing.”

Dodging the press

In addition to Biden’s attack on the oil industry resulting in skyrocketing gas prices, his pro-immigration policy causing a border crisis, his allowing biological males into women’s sports, his unconstitutional gun control orders and his push for government-funded abortions, the president’s hiding from the press has become a hot topic.

Since his first day in the Oval Office, Biden has had an historic avoidance of press conferences – something that even the left-leaning mainstream media has addressed, including CNN, which stated that the 50-day mark reached on Thursday far surpassed Biden’s 15 most recent predecessors, who all held press conferences within 33 days of taking office, according to Forbes.

The Washington Post noted that former President George W. Bush held the previous record – 33 days – for the longest period of not holding a news conference since stepping foot in the White House.

“President Barack Obama held his first news conference on his 20th day and Trump on his 27th, the Post noted. “Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan all waited less than 10 days before encountering a lengthy grilling from the White House press corps.”

Additionally, a Washington Post editorial stated, “He is the president, and Americans have every right to expect that he will regularly submit himself to substantial questioning.” The Associated Press also acknowledged that the “historically gaffe-prone politician” had yet to hold a White House press conference well into the second month of his presidency.

An indication that the Democratic Party is silencing and controlling Biden at every step was seen on Wednesday, when he was caught having to ask House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for permission to talk with the press – before being cut off and prevented from answering any questions.

“I’m happy to take questions if that’s what you – I’m supposed to do, Nance,” Biden said to Pelosi, according to a report from The Washington Post. “Whatever you want me to do.”


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