The anger over the death of 13 American service members – coupled with the refusal of the Biden administration to take responsibility for the blunders of the Afghanistan withdrawal – has many people calling for accountability. That includes some lawmakers and concerned citizens who are calling for President Joe Biden to resign or be removed in accordance with the 25th Amendment.

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw serves Texas’s 2nd Congressional District. During a recent appearance on Fox News, the Afghanistan war veteran pointed out that the reality of replacing Biden must be dealt with.

“It’s worse than we thought it would be – and we have to deal with reality here,” Crenshaw said. “The reality is the second in line is Kamala Harris, and third in line is Nancy Pelosi – so these are existential questions for our country.

“Who do we actually want in charge?” he asked. “It’s seems like three pretty terrible options. And then what are our avenues to make something happen here? These are real questions.”

As for the president’s current state of mind, the Texas lawmaker contends “he’s certainly now suffering from something – whether it’s old age or dementia – [but] it’s a very clear change in Joe Biden from even a few years ago.”

And Crenshaw points out that even members of Biden’s own party are not confident about his leadership.

“I’ve heard stories of Barack Obama not trusting Joe Biden’s judgment. I’ve heard of stories of him kicking Joe Biden out of the room during really serious discussions about, say, the Osama Bin Laden raid because, as he put it, Joe Biden’s thought process was dangerous to the mission,” Crenshaw described.

“So, his judgment has frankly always been in question. They are plenty of people who have stated this, but he’s been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy decision. [Now] it’s become worse than we thought.”

In a speech earlier this week, Biden described the withdrawal from Afghanistan as an “extraordinary success.” But Crenshaw has asked for whistleblowers involved in the Kabul airport evacuation to come forward and describe what they actually witnessed.


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