As Joe Biden’s presidency continues to implode, most politicians have midterms on the brain.

But another aspect to the president’s dismal approval ratings is the fact that the 2024 Democrat presidential nomination could very well be up for grabs.

If that is the case, then get your popcorn ready because we are in store for some A+ entertainment.

Thanks to the past 18 months of Joe Biden’s chaotic leadership, the last presidential election feels like a decade ago.

A lot has changed since 2020. Gas prices and inflation were lower. The media were parroting DNC agitprop that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation, and suburban white women in SUVs were whining into their white wine about the deadly impact of Trump’s mean tweets.

Now that we are dealing with all the real-world consequences of “building back better,” it’s easy to forget the hilarity that ensued during the 2020 primaries.

Watching the Democrats turn on one another in pursuit of the presidency was almost as delicious as a double scoop of chocolate-chocolate-chip.

Then-Sen. Kamala Harris had her one and only bump in polls when she slammed Biden for his past stance against forced busing.

Then-Rep. Tulsi Gabbard made waves when she turned the tables on Harris and brought up her history as attorney general in California when “she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it.”

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were caught in a tense finger-wagging exchange — a geriatric Texas death match — on the debate stage.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, while criticizing Pete Buttigieg’s lack of experience, took the South Bend mayor to task so hard that you would have thought he was an aide who’d forgotten to bring utensils for her salad.

So can 2024 top that kind of wonderful animosity?


This time around we have plenty of the same power-hungry charlatans hell-bent on fulfilling their presidential aspirations. The virtue-signaling climate-conscious candidates will lecture us on global warming all while crisscrossing the fruited plains in private jets.

The D.C. swamp creatures will try to appear relatable and adopt cringe-worthy blue-collar accents as they pander to us “regular folks.” Trough-licking multi-millionaires will rail against billionaires who need to pay their fair share. And the finger-pointing blame game we’ve been seeing for the last 500-plus days will only intensify.

One major difference in this next cycle is that some of these “rising stars” now have extra baggage.

Any contender who has the Biden administration on their resume (think Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and Vice President Kamala Harris) will have to explain why they were part of such a colossal failure and how they can now be entrusted to get us out of the mess they helped create. The Team of Avengers, the adults back in charge, the best and the brightest — well, they have some explaining to do.

Other far-left progressives like Warren and Sanders (a year older than Biden) will need to convince their base that they can deliver on all of Joe’s broken promises. They will need to reiterate that Biden had the right ideas, he just didn’t go far enough. I’m sure moderate voters will love the sound of that sales pitch.

Then there will be the newcomers.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and California Gov. Gavin Newsom have been floated as potential candidates in ’24.

I think Newsom has the edge over Adams. The governor can take credit for ruining an entire state — whereas Adams is only overseeing a mass exodus from the Big Apple, for which he has to share the blame, or credit, or whatever, with his failed predecessor Bill de Blasio and the entire Democrat state political establishment in Albany.

And it wouldn’t be a Democratic primary if Hillary’s name wasn’t on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

The left’s favorite sore loser can swear up and down that she isn’t running, but most of us won’t believe her until we see it with our own eyes.

One thing is certain: The 2024 Democrat primaries are going to deliver some major political slapstick for Americans who could use a little levity during the ongoing catastrophe that the Biden regime has produced.

A good belly laugh will be the first positive thing that the Democratic Party has delivered on in a long time.

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