In a reported attempt to spite President Donald Trump for being tough on immigration, officials in Washtenaw County gave their initial approval to forward new immigration policies designed to welcome criminal aliens, illegal migrants and other immigrants through resolutions – one of which gives taxpayer-funded legal aid to illegals facing deportation … for free.

The Leftist county – which is home to the University of Michigan – is looking to become the ultimate sanctuary of sanctuaries for illegals.

“Washtenaw and its main city of Ann Arbor are already sanctuary jurisdictions, but now they are expanding and codifying their policies that give all sorts of favorable treatment to refugees and immigrants – regardless of legal status,” WND reported.

Payback for Trump … at taxpayers’ expense

The motivation behind the aggressive immigration reform move is reportedly payback to Trump for seeking to increase deportations and augment law enforcement’s crackdown on illegal immigrants.

“As an act of resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda and in solidarity with the county’s immigrant community, the County Board of Commissioners voted 5–2 at its Ways and Means Committee meeting Wednesday night, May 3, to give initial approval to new immigration policies,” announced regarding the three-resolution package, which could receive its final approval on May 17 – the date of the next full board meeting.

Through the use of inclusive rhetoric, the various pro-immigration reform policies seek to manufacture new rights for illegal immigrants at taxpayers’ expense – while paying no heed to the increased risks incurred by legal residents who could suffer the deleterious economic and safety effects of having criminal aliens in their communities.

“One resolution asserts the county’s support for the immigrant community, another affirms the county as ‘a welcoming community that respects the innate dignity of all people’ and the final resolution adopts a policy governing the solicitation of immigration status by Washtenaw County public servants,” the local Michigan news outlet informed.

It is anticipated that the resolutions introduced by Commissioner Conan Smith (D-Ann Arbor) allocate an exorbitant amount of taxpayer funds toward helping illegal immigrants continue to break the law by staying in the country illegally – money that is reportedly needed by law-abiding and  legal county residents.

“There’s an expectation the county will be putting taxpayer money toward programs to aid immigrants – including undocumented immigrants facing deportation or otherwise affected by federal immigration enforcement,”’s Ryan Stanton explained. “Commissioners decided against including specific dollar amounts in the resolutions, though a memo accompanying the package states the board’s actions would result in appropriations of about $135,200 from the general fund’s cash reserves for one-time expenses.”

Forget sanctuary cities … let’s talk “sanctuary state”

In his bid to make history and become the United States’ first Muslim governor in the 2018 election, Democratic candidate Abdul El-Sayed is working to make Michigan a “sanctuary state” for undocumented immigrants in a reported act of retaliation against Trump for his push to deport illegals and increase the enforcement of immigration laws.

“El-Sayed pitched the ‘sanctuary state’ concept in a new policy platform outline his campaign released Monday,” The Detroit News reeported. “The former Detroit health director and son of Egyptian immigrants also proposed a public health insurance program for Michigan residents, a minimum wage increase and universal pre-school access.”

The Muslim politician claims that no national reform exists to give illegal immigrants any viable path to citizenship, insisting that illegal immigrant families should be protected by the state, which should recognize the role illegals play in the economy – by providing farmers with cheap illegal labor.

“This is a bold, progressive approach to the very real and very serious problems that our state faces right now,” El-Sayed told The Detroit News while on the campaign trail in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “[Sanctuary status would mean] the state is not going to invest its own dollars, its own police force, its own corrections money equipping and empowering what seems to be questionable – and often dispassionate – enforcement of laws and policies that are unclear at best.”

More red flags …

Heightening the national security threat even further, it is noted that El-Sayed has ties with an internationally identified Islamic terrorist group – the Muslim Brotherhood.

“He is the former health director for the city of Detroit and graduated from University of Michigan, serving during his time on campus as the president of the Muslim Student Association,” WND’s Leo Hohmann divulged. “The MSA is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, as documented by the FBI in evidence presented at the terror-financing trial prosecuted in 2008 against the Holy Land Foundation.”

El-Sayed is reportedly on board with the global agenda to Islamize the West – a movement championed by an ardent backer of the Muslim Brotherhood, former President Barack Obama.

“There are more than 300 sanctuary cities and counties now operating in the U.S., following the dictates of the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda, which is the implementation plan for the U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” Hohmann continued. “The document incorporates for the first time the rights of migrants into U.N.’s 17-point plan for global development, which was adopted by 193 heads of state, including President Obama and Pope Francis, at the U.N. in New York in September 2015.”

What to expect …

Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Studies Jessica Vaughan contends that if the resolutions pushed by the Washtenaw County Commission are adopted, Immigration Control Enforcement’s (ICE) attempts to deport illegal aliens will not be substantially be hindered.

“On the one hand, these are somewhat frivolous, feel-good sanctuary resolutions that will not interfere with immigration enforcement,” Vaughan expressed to WND via email. “Apparently, the county commissioners don’t have the guts to do that, which works out better for the community in this case.”

However, she cannot understand how county officials can get away with funneling money away from needy law-abiding citizens and rewarding it to criminal migrants and other illegal aliens – including terrorists.

“On the other hand, they are planning to spend a fair amount of taxpayer money on programs that assist illegal aliens, provide them services and benefits, and even give them legal representation to fight their deportation,” Vaughan pointed out. “Is Washtenaw County so well off – without unemployed or needy citizens and legal immigrants – to help?”

The immigration expert is amazed that illegal immigrants are essentially receiving financial aid and services for breaking the law – showing that crime does pay.

“It’s a shame the commissioners don’t show the same impulses to help the Americans and legal immigrants who are displaced and disadvantaged by illegal immigration,” Vaughan added. “Programs like this – to provide services and legal representation to illegal aliens – are just a gravy train for the many groups that oppose immigration enforcement and make a living off taxpayers by providing these services that induce illegal residents to stay here instead of return home.”

Even though Michigan is at the forefront of the movement to provide a new level of safe havens for illegal migrants, the Wolverine State is by no means alone in its efforts.

“Washtenaw and Ann Arbor are not the first jurisdictions to take the next step and go ‘beyond sanctuary’ status,” Hohmann noted. “Washington, D.C., in January, announced it would create a legal defense fund for immigrants facing deportation.”

In fact, Michigan is currently competing with the most populous blue state out West to be the first and only sanctuary state in the U.S.

“California legislators are currently considering a bill that would make it the first ‘sanctuary state’ in the nation,” Detroit News’ Jonathan Oosting pointed out. “The proposal would generally prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies from assisting federal immigration enforcement officers or asking residents about their legal status.”


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