A retired United States Army general believes that America is closer right now to war on the Korean peninsula than it has been since the Korean War took place in the early 1950s.

Tensions between America and North Korea remain high as dictator Kim Jong Un continues to issue threats to the U.S., including blowing up the U.S. Carrier Carl Vinson – which President Donald Trump has dispatched to the area. In addition, North Korea continues to conduct missiles tests, but they have all proven to be utter failures.

Retired U.S. Army Lt. General Jerry Boykin, who served as a commander of the U.S. Army Delta Force, expressed concern to OneNewsNow about the current tension between America and the rogue nation.

“I think that there is danger, and I think in my lifetime – certainly since the Korean War – we are closer to war on the Korean peninsula,” Boykin told OneNewsNow. “Now, do I think it will happen? I do not.”

The underlying skepticism of Boykin, who currently serves as executive vice president of the Family Research Council (FRC), rests in his belief that Kim Jong Un’s threats are hollow.

“He has no deliverable nuclear weapon, and he certainly can’t destroy the Carl Vinson,” the celebrated veteran pointed out. “So, there’s a lot of posturing and bluster, but nonetheless, one miscalculation and we could be at war there.”

The retired general then gave his vote of confidence to Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump, who has not backed down to America’s enemies or given into a foreign policy of appeasement – unlike what was witnessed over the past eight years under the Obama administration.

“Ultimately, I believe that showing strength will convince not only the North Koreans, but the Chinese, that it’s not a good idea to provoke America and to provoke this very unpredictable president,” Boykin stressed. “And I think he’s doing a very good job.”

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