A Wisconsin photographer is going to court to head off application of a Madison ordinance and state law that appear to violate religious and free speech rights.

The laws prohibit a creative professional from refusing commissioned work that is contrary to their religious or political beliefs, and Amy Lawson, who runs her own photography studio, does not want the city or state to force her to take jobs that promote abortion or unnatural marriage just because she does business with entities and events that she can support.

She is also barred from posting on her website that her religious or political views prohibit her from doing so, so she has filed suit. Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jonathan Scruggs tells OneNewsNow no American, especially a creative professional, should be threatened with punishment simply for disagreeing with the government.

“The government must give artists the freedom to make up their own mind about which ideas they will promote and which ideas they can’t promote,” Scruggs insists. “Amy is happy to take photographs of anyone. She simply objects to being forced to participate in events or promote messages or causes that violate her beliefs.”

Another aspect to consider is that commissioned professionals who support abortion and unnatural marriage are not forced to do business with pro-life or traditional marriage proponents.

The city and state have already investigated numerous professionals, so the lawsuit is asking that the law be overturned before it is enforced.


Copyright American Family News. Reprinted with permission.

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