trump_fiorinaAs Donald Trump maintains his lead in the polls, his comments continue to come under scrutiny. No matter what he says, the media and the Republican establishment are quick to pass judgement. But what about the context? What about the fact that other people say the same kinds of things? Is a woman allowed to say something that Donald Trump isn’t? Is this a double standard or simply a “Trump” standard?

During the first debate, Fox News received scores of criticism for their unprofessional questions and delivery. One, in particular, was aimed at Trump and his treatment of Rosie O’Donnell (and other women).

What was left out, and what even Trump failed to address, was that his comments were in response to O’Donnell’s attacks. What makes Megyn’s Kelly’s question even more ridiculous is the fact that the Trump-O’Donnell feud has gone on for nearly a decade!

Just look here at this YouTube search to see pages of the Trump-O’Donnell battle.

Here’s a clip from 2006:

Never did Kelly mention the long, ongoing feud. Never did Kelly mention the things that O’Donnell said about Trump. The point that Kelly tried to drive home to the audience was that somehow Trump had a problem with women. Perhaps Trump has a problem with a lot of people — man or woman. Why make this about the fact that O’Donnell is a woman?

And then we fast forward to Trump’s comment about GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. During an interview in Rolling Stone magazine, Trump made some pretty ill advised comments about Fiorina, and those comments were fodder for the second presidential debate.

Fiorina pounced and scored major points in the debate. She has even parlayed Trump’s comment into a highly successful campaign ad.

So, are comments about a woman’s appearance off limits or are they off limits because it was said by Trump (or any other man)? It’s common knowledge that during her Senate campaign against Barbara Boxer, Fiorina had some not-so-kind words herself:

Why hasn’t that video resurfaced, and why haven’t establishment pundits been reminding people that Trump isn’t the only one with some cringe-worthy comments? Are Trump’s comments worse because they are from a man and are directed at a woman?

There’s really no place for personal attacks in politics. Let the people decide based on policy differences. With that being said, comments will occur, and is it any worse for a man to say something against a woman than it is for a woman to say something against a man (or another woman)?

Is Trump getting extra criticism because he’s the frontrunner that the GOP establishment can’t stand or is it because political standards of behavior are still different between the sexes?

Oh, and by the way, this just in… Donald Trump Compares Carly Fiorina To A ‘Robot’

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