Rush Limbaugh, noting conservatives have very little in common with people in certain states, is raising the issue of secession.

Limbaugh made his comments on his radio show on Wednesday.

“I actually think that we’re trending toward secession,” he said. “I see more and more people asking what in the world do we have in common with the people who live in, say, New York? What is there that makes us believe that there is enough of us there to even have a chance at winning New York, especially if you’re talking about votes.
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Video is dated Dec 9, 2020 from yesterday’s show.

GOPUSA Editor: Rush is still discussing this on today’s program and saying his first preference is to win elections. He’s asking what are you going to do if the Supreme Court doesn’t come through and if Trump doesn’t pull this out? What are you, as an individual going to do?

It looks like a Texas Rep. is taking action.

Representative to file bill to allow Texas to secede from United States

State Rep. Kyle Biedermann, R-Fredericksburg, told his supporters on Facebook that he plans to file a bill allowing for a referendum on secession.

“The federal government is out of control and does not represent the values of Texans,” Biedermann wrote in a Facebook post. “That is why I am committing to file legislation this session that will allow a referendum to give Texans a vote for the State of Texas to reassert its status as an independent nation.”
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Would secession be your first solution to the situation we find ourselves in today?

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