Two college professors are advancing the unorthodox idea that dialogue, not debate, should be promoted in classrooms to prevent students from committing “microagressions” that upset their fellow students.

Professors Justin Lerner of New York University and Anjali Fulambarker of Simmons College write (in an article for Journal of Teaching in Social Work) that a “social justice classroom agenda relies on the ability of educators to create a space free from microaggressions.” Campus Reform reports the two professors believe one way of accomplishing that is by requiring students to wear name tags displaying their preferred “gender pronoun.”

Stacy Washington of Project 21 (The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives) says this isn’t what students preparing to enter the workforce need.

“Every classroom that succumbs to this type of liberal orthodoxy is a classroom full of people who will not be prepared to enter the workforce,” she tells OneNewsNow, “and they will have spent a couple of hundred thousand dollars for the privilege of not being ready.”

Also, Washington thinks Lerner’s and Fulambarker’s idea of demanding dialogue and not debate during class time to protect students is diametrically opposed to what college is supposed to be about.

“And not only is it wrong, it’s something that people are actually paying for their children to be taught,” she adds. “I don’t think most parents are aware that their kids are being exposed to this in the college environment.”

She suggests parents combat this by telling college officials they’re sending their students elsewhere to avoid such liberal silliness. As a result, she says, the loss of tuition could very well prompt some schools to reign in rogue professors like Lerner and Fulambarker.


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